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12 years ago by J.R. Gamble

Strasburg Gone, Nats Forgotten

Stephen Strasburg’s innings limit has dominated baseball conversation for weeks. It was THE topic. His stellar season is done at 159 1/3 innings pitched. Now maybe someone will start talking a

12 years ago by Staff

NFL Preview 2012: Part 1 (NFC)

Another NFL season is upon us and we know what you want to do. You want to watch all the Sunday pre-game shows, officially make pizza and wings a food group and most of all you want everyone to know that you’re the smartest person in the ro

12 years ago by Staff

R.I.P. Chris Lighty

Chris Lighty was "That Dude." If there was a music business counterpart to sports' Worldwide Wes,

12 years ago by Staff

MTV Drowning Jersey Shore After 6th Season

Buppies everywhere – the publicly self-righteous ones…or is that the only kind? – continue with outrage directed at the “Love and Hip Hop” series and the “harm it does to our race.” Against that contextu

12 years ago by Staff


Patagonia is one of those brands that never really blew all the way up and thus have never fallen off. Every year they come back with more and more hits for the city dweller that aspires to be an outdoor enthusiast. Not to mention the outdoor ent

12 years ago by Staff


First dates for men can be stressful. Often times, getting the woman to say yes is the easy part. You’ve seen her around at enough events to gather what her night-out expectations likely are, plus,  you guys have been flirting for week

12 years ago by Staff

The TSL Give and Go: Kanye and Kim, Wyclef and The RNC, and more.

(Editors’ note: There have actually been a lot of significant sports stories, this week. The Seattle Seahawks cut Terrell Owens, perhaps ending a surefire Hall of Fame career in ignominy.

12 years ago by Staff

The Guy Who Tried To Rob LL Needs a Better Lawyer

I have no formal law school training, but i've watched a whole lot of Law and Order episodes. Meaning, I have at least a minimal understanding of what goes on between a defendant and his/her defender. I get that more than half of the time the

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