Stern Hangs Up His Jersey

It's the end of an era. David Stern has decided to end his tenure as NBA Commissioner in 2014. Stern has been running things in the front office longer than some NBA players have been alive. No matter what you think of his decisions over the past couple of decades he has done a bang-up job of spreading the game internationally and domestically.

30 years is an extremely long time to lead a league and Stern has provided plenty of memories, both good and bad, for NBA fans around the globe. He's also been the bearing of good news for every NBA player drafted. Here is a mash-up video of him announcing a pick in every year he has been commissioner. 

And who could forget his most recent exchange with sports radio host Jim Rome after being asked is the draft fixed. 

Then there's the 1985 NBA Draft Lottery that everyone and their momma swears Stern fixed. New York Knicks fans are staying quiet on this one.

Stern has even put up with profanity-laden criticism from his biggest players. Remember this live tv gem from Shaq?


Ahhhh, good times man. We're going to miss you little fella. 


Adam Silver, you got next. 

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