TSL Co-Sign: Akomplice Varsity Corduroy Jacket

West Coast based brand Akomplice is known for their cutting edge quality design and controversial tee's. Their fall 2012 collection keeps that trend going with several pieces that push the envelope of style and technology, but one article out of the bunch really caught our attention.

The Corduroy Varsity jacket looks simple. It’s a denim jacket with satin lining, corduroy sleeves and a hood. But take a closer look and you'll notice that both the sleeves and the hood are removable; leaving a denim vest that can be rocked in warm weather.

Although the hood has severely overdone it with the "jean jackets with the sleeves cut," (we see you Jada), the Akomplice version is clean and understated with a simple AK embossed on the left torso. It can easily go from the block to a casual setting.

"The inspiration on this piece actually came late in the game. We were at the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas, when Ira LaFontaine of Compound Gallery said it would be dope if these sleeves zipped off and became a denim vest, so we don’t get the credit on this one, but we just know a good idea when we hear one," says Akomplice co-founder Patrick McCarney. "The funny thing is, almost every store that ordered this piece had no idea that the sleeves and hood would zip off."

Be on the lookout for a lot of big projects coming over the next few months from the brand. Among the more notable collections they have on the horizon are a capsule collection with X-Large, a limited edition belt with Raekwon and a collaboration shoe coming out in the summer of 2013.

In the meantime, the entire fall collection will be available on Friday, October 26th via akomplice.com.

Akomplice Varsity Corduroy Jacket $125.00


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