“Hold Up! Hold Up!” | Jaylen Warren Says Pittsburgh Steelers Special Teams Coach Has Suggested Putting Justin Fields On Kick Return Team

Trading for Justin Fields, who still has a ton of potential as a passer — and was more a victim of the Chicago Bears’ order of operations and lack of weapons, rather than his inability — was considered a great backup plan for Mike Tomlin‘s Pittsburgh Steelers. Especially if Russell Wilson can’t regain his All-Pro form. 

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jaylen Warren(L) says the special teams coordinators mentioned quarterback Justin Fields (R) returning kickoffs.

Fields isn’t known as a great passer, but the prevailing thought is that in another offensive scheme, his talents could be better featured, and he would be a more productive quarterback, outside of his exceptional running ability. 

Well, you know how the NFL goes. If a Black man is a quarterback with great athleticism and hasn’t proved that he can consistently throw the ball, then put him at another position. 

Justin Fields Returning Kickoffs?

According to Steelers RB Jaylen Warren, a recent guest on a live episode of “Not Just Football with Cam,” now that the NFL has even further revamped its approach to kickoffs, the Steelers are contemplating putting Fields back to return kicks and punts. 

Warren said he would personally be open to the possibility while also revealing some surprising inside information: “Our special teams coordinator was talking about Justin Fields being back there. We were like, ‘Hold up! Hold up!’ We looked at him like Justin Fields is about to be back there?”

Fields ran a 4.45 40-yard-dash at the NFL combine in 2021, and all you have to do is go to his tape of his three seasons with the Chicago Bears to see how dynamic he is as a runner, in the open field and in close quarters. 

Steelers Need Justin Fields The QB

The Steelers need a quarterback who can throw for 4,000 yards and hit some big plays through the air, not a backup who could possibly get hurt returning kicks. It’s not a progressive thought at all. Here we are in an era where teams are hocking their entire existences for quarterbacks and blowing draft picks on quarterbacks who aren’t guaranteed to perform at the next level. 

If Mike Tomlin’s coaching staff is discussing turning a former No. 1 overall pick into a punt returner, then he needs to hold a couple of focus groups to get everybody in line with what’s important. Special teams duty can’t be what the Steelers had in mind when they brought int he 25-year-old.

Hopefully, that was Warren just blowing smoke. If the special teams coordinator did say it, then let’s assume he was throwing ideas around because these guys get bored in the offseason. 

In any event, I seriously doubt Justin Fields would agree to it. He surely has his sights set on becoming the starter in Pittsburgh and is just waiting for any slip by Wilson to reassume his status as a No. 1 guy in the league.

Pittsburgh Steelers Still A Step Behind Offensively

The Pittsburgh Steelers can’t help themselves. No matter what offensive weapons they are gifted with, the organization always seems to find a way to turn the clock back 30 years and thwart any forward progress as it pertains to having a wide-open offense. 

Since the departure of Ben Rothlisberger, the Steelers have been looking for a No. 1 signal-caller. Kenny Pickett didn’t work nor did any of the stopgaps used as the Steelers struggled towards playoff contention with one of the NFL’s most anemic offenses. 

Signing two starting quarterbacks in the offseason in future Hall of Famer Wilson and former No. 1 overall pick Fields, has the fan base very excited about the potential upswing in the passing game. 

Wilson, who had a terrible couple of seasons with the Denver Broncos filled with a poor roster and daily drama, is expected to provide the veteran passing efficiency the team has lacked. 

It will be hard for Fields to sit and watch after starting for three seasons and throwing for over 6600 yards with 40 TDs and 30 interceptions. He’s surely looking forward to building on those numbers with a new team. If it’s not already there, he needs to add a no-special-teams clause into his contract.

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