Being Named Essence Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Of The Moment” Is A Close Second To What Pittsburgh Steelers QB Russell Wilson Calls “The Greatest Gift In the World”

Russell Wilson has been active since leaving the Seattle Seahawks after a decade of Hall of Fame caliber play. 

While his two seasons in Denver could be considered underwhelming and Wilson has fallen out of the good graces with some former teammates and coaches, his brand is as big as ever and most recently Essence magazine called him the “sexiest man of the moment” and in a Twitter/X announcement the magazine had the new Pittsburgh Steelers QB on the cover of its May/June men’s issue.

Wilson is married to the singing and dancing diva Ciara, so he keeps his profile high and image upscale through the good and bad of football. They are both mainstays at celebrity, philanthropic and other prestigious events of the wealthy and famous.

The caption reads:

“Throughout his storied tenure in the NFL, Russell has achieved unimaginable success on the gridiron. With a dynamic skill set and unique leadership qualities, he has established himself as a preeminent figure not only in football but also in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and entertainment.”

Wilson has a secure bag and an estimated net worth of $165 million, which makes him the 46th-highest paid athlete in the world according to Forbes. His positive and unflappable attitude is sometimes bothersome to other players, especially in the midst of a rough defeat, but it’s what also makes Wilson so popular.

“Knowing who he is and who he is – is the reason he will always be the top pick and topic of conversation version.”

Russell Wilson Has High Fashion, Tough Guy Look On Essence Cover

In the photo, Russ is rocking the A1 QB fur, popularized by Joe Namath back in the late 60s, early 70s. The fur automatically implies elite status.  He accessorizes with several necklaces, a white Tee and blue jeans.

Essence appreciates Wilson’s authenticity. He’s been ridiculed for being a good father, a devoted husband and existing in a spiritual place that doesn’t allow defeat or disgust to affect his attitude towards people or his positive mentality. 

“To play 13 years in the NFL has been a dream come true,” Wilson told Essence. 

Having the opportunity to play for the first Black head coach of his NFL career is special as well. The Steelers and Mike Tomlin are at a crossroads as is Russell Wilson. Getting Russ for minimum money was a great come-up for Pittsburgh and he’s eager to ingratiate himself to the city. 

Pittsburgh steelers quarterback Russell Wilson says having the opportunity to play for a legendary coach like Mike Tomlin is one of “the greatest gifts in the world.” (Getty images)

Essence Cover Doesn’t Top Greatest Gift In World: Playing For Mike Tomlin

“To be able to play for Mike Tomlin… to stand side by side with him and try to accomplish all the goals that I want to accomplish with the Steelers organization, and what that represents for the NFL, is one of the greatest gifts in the world,” Wilson told Essence.  

Wilson has put his Rocky Mountain experience in the rear view and has said that he’s coming back with the same hunger to win more rings and return to his status as an elite QB.

Pittsburgh and Mike Tomlin need for these confident predictions and passionate assertions to be true as they are in a loaded AFC where most of the top quarterbacks not named Patrick Mahomes still reside. When the season starts talk will be cheap, but for now Wilson, as usual, knows all the right things to say as he continues to fill his bank account and awards case and elevate as a celebrity figure.

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