Trump Attacks Obama; Nobody Cares

Donald Trump has officially cried wolf too many times.

His latest dig against President Obama — audaciously offering $5 million to any charity of Obama's choosing to release his college records and passport — was promoted as something that would dramatically shake-up the Presidential election.

It wasn't new information about Libya. It wasn't about Mitt Romney's tax returns. It wasn't even about some controversy we weren't aware of. It was a controversy that didn't exist before Donald Trump opened his mouth.

Fortunately, the news media didn't really give Trump the time of day. It largely went unnoticed and unreported, though the Guinness Book of Records should look into an occurance the world's largest simultaneous side-eye.

Of course, Trump tends to elicit that response from his hot air. Sometimes his tweets can be somewhat funny, like his shots at A-Rod. At least you can laugh at people getting riled up over something coming from a hairpiece.

But messing with the election in such a TMZ, arrogant manner, again – turning it into a circus, as the Daily Beast describes – is finally enough, and the mass ignoring of Trump hopefully puts an end to his charade.

One betting firm agrees, and even decided to refund money taken on what Trump's declaration would be because it was so incredibly lame.

What's more frustrating is the amount of damn money he has — so much that $5 million is chump change to Trump. I'll let Bill Maher take it from here:



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