Good Morning: 10.25.12



Pablo Sandoval jacked three home runs during the first game of the World Series, giving the Giants a big win over the Tigers.


It was a big surprise because Justin Verlander was on the hill, though his World Series performances haven't been great.


You don't really associate Alabama quarterbacks with the Heisman trophy, but AJ McCarron has the numbers to get in the conversation, even if it is behind Geno Smith.


The Jets and Dolphins will have pink penalty flags this week.


UNC has another academic problem. This time, Erik Highsmith was caught plagiarizing an 11 year-old.


Tim McCarver mixed up Barry Bonds and Barry Manilow… somehow.


Richard Sherman — DB for the Seattle Seahawks — changed his Twitter handle to Optimus Prime ahead of his matchup with Megatron.


Will there be another JaVale McGee?


Kobe might miss the season opener.


Why don't people like giving Eli Manning credit? DeAngelo Hall is the latest.


Kevin Love gets a haircut from Larry Fitzgerald to raise money for breast cancer.






Diddy was involved in a car accident yesterday afternoon.


HBO and Oprah are developing a new project.


T.I. went on First Take to talk about Michael Vick's job security.


Wiz Khalifa brought out MGK during a stop on the 2050 tour, while Kendrick and Jay Rock performed "Money Trees" live for the first time after an album signing in New York.






Sarah Palin blasted President Obama for his “shuck and jive” with Libya yesterday, which was, in turn, criticized heavily for it's racial undertones. Palin then defended herself, saying there was nothing racist about it. Just tell me this: Is she using “shuck and jive” to describe Joe Biden? No. Get real. Actually, get lost.


Is Mitt Romney's election momentum real?


Mitt Romney's economic policies, as well as Republicans in general, align with Britain and Germany. Like what you see over there?


More people forgo their government assistance than abuse it, by a wide margin.


Y'all might want to lay off the Monster energy drink.


Donald Trump is still a douche.





Amy Davidson from The New Yorker goes in on all the rape talk from the GOP — from “legitimate” to “intended” — God, and women in politics.





Meek Mill and Rick Ross released another track from Meek's debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, which drops next week.



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