Good Morning: 10.26.12



The Giants took a commanding 2-0 lead in the World Series, beating the Tigers 2-0 as Madison Bumgarner and Doug Fister dueled, despite Fister getting rocked in the head during the second inning.


Tyrann Mathieu was arrested for simple possession of marijuana yesterday. He was with three former LSU players, including Jordan Jefferson, and likely shot down both his chances of returning to LSU and his NFL draft stock.


Willie Mays and a triple amputee war veteran threw out the first pitch.


Tampa Bay rookie Doug Martin ran all over the Minnesota Vikings, powering the Bucs to a 36-17 win.


Tajh Boyd set a school-record and Sammy Watkins had a huge game as the Clemson Tigers dominated Wake Forest, 42-13.


Lolo Jones made the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team just three weeks after trying it.


The Godfather of Detroit Boxing, Emanuel Steward, died last night in a Chicago hospital. Steward was a training legend, working with multiple world champs, and an HBO broadcaster.


Chris Cooley tried to have a case of beer included in his contract. Respect.


Charles Barkley's latest Weight Watchers commercial. Classic.






Ready for a black James Bond?


TMZ reports Lil' Wayne was hospitalized after a mid-flight seizure.


Meek Mill recalls his time in jail and his conversations with God.






A cop was charged with conspiracy to “kidnap, cook, and eat” up to 100 women. Gawker has highlights from his computer, a document titled, "Abducting and Cooking [The Victim]: A Blueprint."


The New York Times is now blocked by China after a report on Wen Jiabao's immense wealth.


President Obama publicly backed same-sex marriage laws in Washington, Maine and Maryland yesterday.


Mitt Romney's Campaign Co-Chair says Colin Powell only endorsed President Obama because he is black.


Iran has completed a nuclear enrichment plant. They're also fighting back, attacking computers of oil companies to send a message.


Stephen Colbert offers Donald Trump $1 million to let him put his balls in Donald's mouth.





President Obama is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and talks about his second term and Republican extremism.






It's Friday, go get that Guap.





A$AP Rocky is killin' the LONGLIVEA$APTOUR, and yesterday brought out the one and only Kendrick Lamar last night in Oakland.



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