Ja’Marr Chase And Bengals Teammate Tee Higgins Create Own Version of Giants Boat Trip In Miami | But Nothing Tops Vikings’ 2005 “Floating Sex-A-Palooza”

Ja’Marr Chase name made headlines on last week when the mother of his child aired out his dirty laundry again. She took to Instagram to continuously blast Chase as a deadbeat father and claim that he physically abused her while she was pregnant with their child. He didn’t respond and appears to not be worried about her.

(Clockwise from top left) Ja’Marr Chase at the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl; Tee Higgins, Chase, and three women on yacht in Miami; Higgins after Bengals’ playoff win in divisional round. (Photos: Getty Images, screenshot from Twitter)

He along with his Bengals teammate Tee Higgins and Cardinals’ linebacker Isaiah Simmons were all spotted on a yacht in Miami this week. The three young NFL stars were also accompanied by three beautiful ladies.

They chose a perfect time to do it because we all remember the last time a group of wide receivers went to Miami it made headlines. Their situation was much different from the 2017 Giants because it is their offseason and not the day before a playoff game.

Higgins and Chase’s yacht day in Miami was nothing compared to the 2005 Minnesota Vikings boat trip on Lake Minnetonka in October 2005 during their bye week. Vikings then-cornerback Fred Smoot rented two large houseboats and arranged for strippers from all over the country to come to the party. It was reported that about 100 women in total showed up and 17 players participated.

Those players reportedly were: quarterback Daunte Culpepper Bryant McKinnie, Nate Burleson, Mewelde Moore, Pat Williams, Ralph Brown, Jermaine Wiggins, Troy Williamson, Travis Taylor, Kevin Williams, Lance Johnstone, Moe Williams and Willie Offord.

Smoot said, “it got a little X-rated.”

The party was nicknamed the “floating sex-a-palooza.”

“We were a group of 20-year-olds with millions of dollars in our pockets. What do you expect guys to do? They’re going to have fun and they’re going to find a little trouble,” Smoot said.

The party was so widely discussed on every news and sports talk show as well as on the front headlines of newspapers. It also caught the attention of Vikings owner Zygi Wilf that called a team meeting the following week and reportedly “laid into the players.”

Higgins should be a little concerned because he is entering the final year of his contract and so far he has failed to reach a deal with the Bengals. The team could possibly be in salary cap hell with Higgins, Chase, and Joe Burrow all due for contract extensions over the next three offseasons.

Higgins’ contract expires in 2024, Burrow’s is up in 2025, and Chase’s is in 2026.

According to Spottrac, Burrow’s contract extension is projected to be valued at $44 million per year, Chase’s at $25 million per year, and Higgins’ at $20 million per year. The Bengals will prioritize their quarterback and No. 1 option in the passing first. That will leave Higgins as the odd man out.

He could potentially be lured away by a team with the money to pay him his worth and make him their No. 1 option. The team that could do it is possibly a conference rival.

The Chiefs just recently lost JuJu Smith-Schuster to the Patriots and Tyreek Hill was traded to the Dolphins last offseason. They want to keep their dynasty rolling and maximize on Patrick Mahomes prime.

Chase has even shown concern that the Bengals won’t be able to keep their core offense together.

“It would be nice for Tee to be on the same side with me still as long as we can go,” Chase said to USA Today in February. “Somebody later down the line is going to have to do something for us to have this team stay together.”

That somebody Chase is talking about is Bengals general manager Duke Tobin.

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