Patrick Mahomes Still Taking Shorts On Social Media As His Manhood And Super Bowl Glory Are Questioned

The internet needs to stop playing with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback star Patrick Mahomes‘ name as a rumor turned into a whole social media campaign about him using male enhancement pills. The internet doesn’t want to let Mahomes be great, as the rumors of him cheating started after winning his second championship at Super Bowl LVII.

It began on Feb. 15, 2023, just three days after Mahomes defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 to win his second chip. Social media platforms began to show sponsored ads claiming Mahomes was facing “cheating allegations” after the Super Bowl win, claiming drugs were found in his system.

Patrick Mahomes injured ankle, leads Chiefs to AFC Championship
Patrick Mahomes (No. 15). (Photo: Getty Images)

Patrick Mahomes Victim Of Social Media Scam

The online claim was a severe allegation, except it was completely fabricated.

The links took users to a fake website pretending to be official content from ESPN’s online portal. It claimed that the Super Bowl MVP was “caught” with “Erexo Plus” or “High Pump,” which are both male enhancement supplement products.

False ads. (Photo: Snopes)

Claiming to “help men have more satisfying sexual encounters with no effort,” Erexo Plus purports to be for men if “you’re having issues with libido and desire longevity, erections, and general performance, this vitamin may be the answer.”

The supplements came as an added unwelcome bonus to initial allegations that he was using performance-enhancing drugs. The headline of a fake news site proclaimed on the internet, “BREAKING NEWS: Patrick Mahomes Gets Caught! He’s Now Under Investigation As The NFL Completely Overhauls Its Drug Testing Program.”

Yeah, no.

The most unfortunate part is that now Mahomes name will be trifled with by the incorrigible actions of the internet and its non-researching users. Beyond being accused of using performance-enhancing drugs, it isn’t very comfortable that Mahomes is also being linked to male-enhancement drugs. Can somebody say awkward?

Social Media Won’t Let Patrick Mahomes Be Great

Although he was highly favored throughout the season to guide the Chiefs to the championship promised land, Mahomes had some speculation hovering over him at the beginning of the season. It started when Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was believed to be lacking in his study based on a clause initially in his contract and extended to the general assumptions made about Black quarterbacks.

Then Mahomes led the Chiefs to a 2023 regular season record of 14-3, leading the AFC West. He made it to the Super Bowl and became a part of a Black history moment when two Black quarterbacks faced off in the Super Bowl for the first time.

The NFL MVP exploited openings from an outstanding Philadelphia Eagles defense and outscored them 24-11. After a commanding Eagles lead of 24-14 heading into halftime, the Chiefs narrowed the score to 24-21 after a Mahomes TD pass, eventually leading to the final 38-35 victory.

For many, Mahomes looks like the progenitor of a dynasty with the second win, and many believe he will procure more en route to adding to his budding legendary status. That also means more gossip, phishing, and more uncontrollable rumors about a QB who, for some, is too good to be authentic, so they seek to create false expositions, victimizing him digitally.

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