“He Is The Dude Because Mediocrity Is The New Excellence” | Controversial Former Last Chance U Coach Isn’t Impressed With Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes are fresh off their second Super Bowl win in the last four seasons, and their third Super Bowl appearance in that same time frame. That feat in itself is remarkable, and no matter how much credit we want to give Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and his accomplishments, none of this was happening until Mahomes arrived at the helm in 2018. 

Patrick Mahomes Made Andy Reid A Legend

The former Texas Tech Red Raiders star has tortured the league since he was given the keys to the Chiefs arsenal to begin the 2018 season. He’s been the standard of excellence and is raising the bar with every historic accomplishment.

But for former controversial Independence Community College head coach Jason Brown, Mahomes’ success isn’t enough, and according to Brown, who might have been under the influence when he made these statements, he looks at Mahomes as being nothing more than mediocre. 

Jason Brown Says Patrick Mahomes Is Mediocre

Brown, speaking on the “Unnecessary Roughness” podcast on Barstool Sports, came for the best signal-caller in the NFL. 

“Kansas City fans hate me because I think Patrick Mahomes is overvalued. … He is the dude because mediocrity is the new excellence.”

For Brown to refer to anything Mahomes does or has accomplished as mediocre is really an awkward comment. It sounds as if he’s saying he only wins because this era reeks of mediocre play and talent. Which again is far from the truth, and for Brown, a former college coach, to say that makes you question his acumen.

Jason Brown Is A Failure As A Coach

But this is the same guy who failed miserably at a JUCO and was eventual let go for allegedly telling a German player that he was the new “Hitler.”

After losing star wideout Tyreek Hill last offseason, most believed Mahomes and the Chiefs would take a step back. That was the farthest thing from the truth, as the team went out and finished a remarkable 14-3 and secured the top overall seed in the AFC. Then a hobbled Mahomes led them to a 3-0 record in the postseason, culminating in their dramatic 38-35 come from behind win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. All season it was the play of Mahomes, now a two-time MVP, who passed for over 5,200 yards, 41 touchdowns and just 12 interceptions. His understanding of the position from the neck up got better, as did his leadership. Gone are the days of trying to make the heroic play each time. That youthful aggression has been replaced with an attitude where Mahomes takes what the defense gives him.

Former Last Chance U coach Jason Brown (left), speaking on the “Unnecessary Roughness” podcast on Barstool Sports, called Patrick Mahomes (right) mediocre. (Photo: Getty Images)

Mahomes Admits He’s Improved

In fact, in 2019, Mahomes admitted he wasn’t great at reading defenses until halfway through his second season as the starter. How crazy is that, when you consider he won NFL MVP in 2018 his first season as a starter by throwing 50 touchdown passes and passing for nearly 5,100 yards that season.

Mahomes Couldn’t Read Defenses? 

While talking on HBO’s “The Shop,” Mahomes had this to say.

“I understood the coverages but how to be able to to pick up little tendencies defenses do,  stuff that Brady and them have done — they know it, and they just do it. I was just playing.”

For Brown to criticize anything Mahomes does from a physical and mental aspect on the gridiron looks more like hate than factual criticism, because the nonsense he’s spewing has nothing to support the statement. If anything it’s the complete opposite, and what’s even scarier is Mahomes is only 27 and has plenty of time to add to that rather mediocre résumé he’s accrued with his mediocre play.

Ask any of the former greats and current QBs, and I’m pretty sure they’d take this mediocre play any day of the week.

Time to “Mute Jason Brown.”

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