Players Defend “Last Chance U” Coach’s Hitler Remarks

Jason Brown’s poor choice of referencing Hitler in a text to a player has spelled the controversial end of another career.

Independence Community College football coach Jason Brown catapulted to fame when his team was featured on Season 3 of the popular Netflix series “Last Chance U.”

The documentary was a touching, real-life drama about the harsh realities and challenges for young athletes. ICC is a last chance destination in the outbacks of Kansas, for talented misfits still hoping for a crack at D-I college and maybe even the pros.

Last Chance U: Season 3 | Coach Brown [HD] | Netflix

Last Chance U is back for another season and this year, it’s a whole new field – as the series moves to Independence, Kansas! After years of losing seasons, Coach Jason Brown and the Independence Pirates vie for a spot amongst the best in the Junior College Football ranks.


Brown resigned Sunday after allegedly texting a German player on the team, “I am your new Hitler.”

A story that ran in the Montgomery County Chronicle reported a text message exchange between Brown and freshman player Alexandros Alexiou, who had posted the texts on social media.

In other words, the coach got blown up and caught up in this social media mosh pit we live in. Another victim bites the dust. While his Hitler reference is definitely harsh and a poor choice of words, the coach never meant for it to reach the world so quickly and we all know how that situation ends.

Brown posted his resignation letter Sunday night on Twitter, writing “it would be nearly impossible to stay here.”

Coach Brown on Twitter

To all my fans, supporters, both past and present players, and coaches, please read the following letter that I have posted and please respect my decision. Much love to you all, W.I.N. FOREVER! Once a Pirate always a Pirate! #DREAMU


Sucker move or something that had to be exposed? 

Coach Brown still has supporters of all races, creeds and colors. He was obviously a guy who related to everyone. After all, he was the only white kid in his Compton, California neighborhood at a time when gang violence and racial tensions split the state like a stake through the heart. 

Brown’s supporters defend his words as being taken out of context and speak of the selfless deeds he’s done for people throughout his time as Pirates head coach.

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Coach Brown seems to have a lot of support from former players and athletes he’s touched along the way. The school still felt that the text was inappropriate enough to end Brown’s career.

In today’s climate, an institution can’t have a coach who is perceived to support anti-semitic views or uses any reference to the Holocaust as a motivating tool for players.  

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