Isaiah Wright May Have Squandered His Last Chance

Last Chance U, aka East Mississippi Community College, was one of the hottest shows on Netflix and touched the hearts of many grown men who could relate.  

In the docu-drama, a group of players, most of whom were African American, find themselves at the junior college as a last resort, thus its nickname.  Though many of the stories in the series were inspirational, some of them were heartbreaking.  

One of those heartbreaking stories was of Isaiah Wright. His tale dealt with maternal abandonment and his brothers and father locked behind bars. 

Last Chance U | Season 2 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The award-winning documentary series is back in season. Last Chance U follows new players on a quest for redemption on the field, in the classroom and in life.

He was troubled as a child due his environment and eventually developed a severe anger control problem. On the show, he battled through concussions and is even suspected to have played through some. Most of the players at Last Chance U either flunked out or were kicked out of big-time programs.  

Wright is also said to have constantly clashed with head coach Buddy Stephens, who was often depicted as a stern taskmaster.

Wrights story is one that moved me and I cheered for his redemption.  But our lifes decisions, not well wishes, are most effective at propelling us toward better days.  On the show, Wright went into a rage when told he could not play football anymore. After coming from a dark place, its difficult to move into the light.   

EMCC Running Back Isaiah Wright

Highlights of Lions Running Back #17/#4 Isaiah Wright.

To some, our pasts were a jumping off point to who we eventually become.  And that is an indeed pragmatic way to look at it.  We become carved by our environments, becoming like it by proxy.  Like an immune system reacting to a foreign pathogen, many who are raised in harsh environments become formed, inadvertently in many instances, into a person suited to surviving said environment. 

But when that place is of pain and anger, such things become internalized and volatility ensues. 

This week, Isaiah Wright, his brother Camion Patrick, a former wide receiver at Indiana University and others were arrested and are alleged to have played a role in the stabbing death of 18-year-old Caleb Radford in Louisville, Tennessee.

Initially on scholarship at Auburn as a running back, right played at EMCC before moving onto Division II West Georgia but left school before the season. His brother was initially a recruit at Tennessee before going to EMCC before playing at U of I in 2016. A knee injury last season allowed him to get a medical hardship waiver and remain on scholarship up until being arrested this week. 

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