“I Don’t Play Them Kids Games,” | A.J. Brown Is Not With JuJu Smith Schuster’s TikTok Humiliation

Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown and Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster are still going at it. Brown slid into Smith-Schuster’s direct messages on Instagram to end the feud between the two after a recent TikTok video that went viral.

A.J. Brown (left) in pregame warmups this season; JuJu Smith-Schuster (right) in a pregame warmup. (Photo: Getty Images)

The two receivers have exchanged shots on social media since Feb. 14 and the fireworks seem to die down until Smith-Schuster rekindled the flame. He sparked the first Twitter exchange with a Valentine’s Day meme that referenced James Bradberry’s late fourth-quarter holding penalty.

That sparked Brown and other Eagles players to come to their teammate’s defense,where Brown dubbed Smith-Schuster “TikTok Boy” on Twitter. Now the two are seemingly back in a one-on-one campaign against each other.

What Prompted the New ‘Beef’?

Smith-Schuster teamed up with social media personality Brenden Clinton, aka Coach 30, for a viral video. The TikTok video displayed a stylized “what if” scenario of the film session after the Super Bowl that criticized the play of the Eagles and constantly referred to Brown as “Aquarius Jefferson,” which is not his real name.

The Response

Brown saw the video and wasn’t amused by it. So, he sent Smith-Schuster a direct message on Instagram that was screenshot and made its way to Twitter.

“I don’t play them kids games, if you wanna see me, I’m with it. You better go to Cabo and enjoy your ring and stop f*****g w me. Leave me off all your TikTok s*** p****,” Brown sent to Smith-Schuster on Instagram.

Then, Brown mentioned him on a Twitter post that stated he would beat him up.

“@TeamJuJu you really need to find you somebody else to play with. Don’t let that ring get you beat tf up. Because I’m with all the dumb s***. I’m not gone speak on it no more,” said Brown.

Brown is clearly a better player than Smith-Schuster, but he has to give the man his props. He played well for the Chiefs in the second half and he contributed to their success this season. He was only 67 yards short of a 1,000-yard receiving year and he had his second-most receiving yards(933) in a single season.

Eagles defensive back Darius Slay also added comments as well on the video.

The NFL or team officials have yet to intervene on the back-and-forth on social media between the two, but yesterday seemed to cross over into a new territory with the threats of violence for everyone to see. Brown has since deleted the posts but things posted on social media are never completely gone. Smith-Schuster has not responded to Brown.

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