JuJu Smith-Schuster Gets Petty After Super Bowl Win | AJ Brown And Others Clap Back At “Tik-Tok Boy”

Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is feeling good after the team’s Super Bowl LVII win on Sunday. He took to Twitter to share a petty Valentine’s Day card aimed at Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry. It was Bradberry’s hold on Smith-Schuster late in the fourth quarter that gave the Chiefs a fresh set of downs and an opportunity to score the winning FG with less than 10 seconds in the game.

Petty wars

To his credit, Bradberry admitted the hold.

“It was holding,” he said. “I tugged his jersey. I was hoping they would let it slide.”

Bradberry also opted for a more subtle dig at Smith-Schuster, stating he was an All-Pro this season.

Bradberry’s teammate AJ Brown was less subtle when joined the fray, saying that QB Patrick Mahomes resurrected Smith-Schuster’s fading career, and called the Chiefs receiver a TikTok boy.

First off congratulations. Y’all deserve it. This is lame. You was on the way out the league before Mahomes resurrected your career on your 1 year deal Tik-Tok boy. He admitted that he grabbed you but don’t act like you’re like that or ever was. But congratulations again! 🎊👏🏾🍻

You know Smith-Schuster wasn’t going to let that slide, right?

Smith-Schuster also had some words for Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson.

Big 🧢, also I told you in the game to stop all that talkin because we were gonna come back and win that game. Now help me decide which finger I need to get sized for this ring 🤣🤣

Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill even jumped in the online back and forth.

These NFL players are doing their best to try and rival NBA players when it comes to Twitter fingers.

Chiefs won, deal with it

The reality is the Chiefs won and the Eagles lost the Super Bowl. Eagles fans and players need to get over it. Smith-Schuster and his teammates and their fans can gloat all they want. They won the game.

Bringing up who is an all-pro and whose career was resurrected is like sour grapes. To the victor goes the spoils. That includes the trash talk. You don’t like it? Should’ve won the game. Next time you play them get the win.

Smith-Schuster has been in a very talkative mood since the win on Sunday. He spoke about his teammate and fellow receiver Kadarius Toney, who scored a TD and had a 65-yard punt return in the Super Bowl.

“I don’t know what the Giants were doing with KT, but he’s a dog,” Smith-Schuster said. “Brett Veach and Andy Reid know how to pick and choose who to go get and who will fit in with this team. The hard part with him is trying to block for him, he’s like a rubber band. He just jukes so many times that it’s hard to block for him, but as you can see his punt return set us up big to put points on the board.”

Smith-Schuster had seven catches for 53 yards and drew the penalty on Bradberry.

As long as Smith-Schuster plays on the Chiefs with the best QB in football in Mahomes he’ll be doing a lot of talking.

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