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12 years ago by Staff

The Dime: 10.2.12

This is the first installment of our newest feature, The Dime. Every Tuesday, we'll give you a list of the things that caught our eye over the NFL weekend.  Dig In.


I. Da Bears Don't Car

12 years ago by Sandy Dover

The NBA’s Back and Doing It Bigger, Better

Evolution usually refers to process in slow development, a means of environmental shifting that is methodical. The NBA isn’t evolving, however, it’s changing. The revolution is being televised, and the business of basketball

12 years ago by Staff

Oprah and Tyler Perry Planning World Takeover

Truthfully, I can't believe that Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry weren't already working together.

12 years ago by Martin Sumners

The ‘Gate: Philly Edition


Tucked about a mile away from Lincoln Financial Field – where gridiron gladiators battle, far from the pricey parking lots – gathers a group of tailgaters who have seized a piece of land for their own like squatters th

12 years ago by Staff

Fantasy Fail Week 4: Mark Sanchez

One fantasy point, fam? One measily point? Shame on whatever rube started Mark Sanchez against that thuggish-ruggish Niners' defense. Unless you're playing in a 24-team league, that's one of those choices that would make people wonder

12 years ago by Omar Mazariego

Rec Center: “Looper”


It’s unofficially official: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of Hollywood’s new “it” men. Having come a very long way from the days when he tried to kiss Topher Grace in that show about the '70s (I forget wh

12 years ago by Staff

The Nickel: Week 4

(Editor's note: Some of us ignored an epic Ryder Cup and a bunch of drama on HBO and Showtime to overdose on football all day. Now's the time where we digest what we consumed. We poached Vinnie Goodwill, Nubyjas Wilborn, Brandon Scott

12 years ago by Staff

Eagles Showed Up Last Night, Now Do It Again

The Philadelphia Eagles are the first team in NFL history to post three fourth-quarter come from behind victories in their first four games of a season (though one was against Cleveland and I doubt any real Eagle fan wants to claim that).

12 years ago by Zach Dillard

Any Given Saturday: Week 5 Recap

GENO SMITH is an unforgiving perfectionist, but he came dangerously close to living up to his expectations Saturday.

West Virginia's senior quarterback torched No. 25 Baylor for what could well be the best displ

12 years ago by Staff

Jay-Z: Brooklyn’s Finest And King Of New York

The man performed about two dozen songs, almost all of them smash hits. How many rappers – or artists, period – can rep like that? Rappers? None. Other artists? Very few.

Jay's supplanted Frank Sinatra as the voice behind

12 years ago by [email protected]

Checkin’ in with CyHi the Prynce

CyHi is a 28-year-old rapper from Atlanta, GA, who looks ready for big things. After a surprise verse on Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, declaring he would be on God’s iPod, and working on Cruel Summer, Th

12 years ago by Staff

Deranged Fan Video Of The Day

There's this dude Shango. He puts on a performance that gives you all you need to know about how deep this goes. I watched this for the first time at the office with TSL deputy editor Khalid Salaam. The only times our jaws weren’t

12 years ago by Staff

TSL Co-Sign: Florsheim Duckie Brown “Saddle Shoe”


I developed my sense of style the hard way. Through dogged stubbornness regarding my sense of taste and recognition of the older men I grew up around. The guys weren’t always great dressers, most of them had blue-collar jobs

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