Racepalm: Terry Bradshaw And Buckets Of Chicken

Live broadcasts are hard, but ay yi yi, Terry.

What does it mean when Terry Bradshaw — during a Dolphins highlight package on "NFL on Fox" — says Reggie Bush is running like he's "chasing a bucket of chicken"? Hard to say. Maybe the only time Terry has interacted with black folks is on the football field or in crazed foot races to Church's and Popeyes. Or maybe that's how he talks with his pals on the back of a pickup. I mean, he does have the innocuous reputation for being "the Ol' Redneck." Quite honestly, the bigoted play here would have been watermelon.

Sports broadcasting is not as easy as it looks. A lot of times, you just kinda say what comes to mind, without much time to think about it. That aspect of a live show reveals a lot about your experience, preparation, and, in some instances, character.

But, while definitely racially insensitive, we're not even close to ready to pull out the R-card for these shenanigans. Perhaps it would be worse in a different context. What if he were an important political figure? But, this is Bradshaw, here. I think you know what we're getting at.

Let's chalk this one up to a strong case of momentary idiocy and add a stern "do better."

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