Zion And Moriah Go Back Like Babies With Pacifiers? | Ex Adult Film Star Posts Positive Pregnancy Test on Instagram

Zion Williamson and his alleged side piece Moriah Mills could be intertwined forever now, after she dropped her latest surprise on Instagram.

The ex-adult film star had her Twitter account suspended on last week because she went on a three-week rant on Twitter against Williamson. On June 3, the Pelicans star forward shared the news of his girlfriend Ahkeema being pregnant with his daughter.

(Left) Zion Williams during a pre-game workout (Right) Moriah Mills posing for a picture (Photos: @DailyLoud/ Twitter screenshots)

Since then, Mills and another woman claimed they were also dealing with Williamson. Mills took it a step further when she continuously posted old screenshots of their conversations and wire transfers and threatened to drop sex tapes of the two, as well as suggested that the New Orleans Pelicans trade Williamson. She also got his name tattooed on the side of her face. Now she is claiming that she is pregnant but didn’t give any indication on who the father is.

Not One But Possibly Two

Mills posted a positive pregnancy test on her Instagram Story on Wednesday morning. She didn’t write any caption with the post or specify if Williamson is the father.

In one of her many tweets during her Twitter rants, she warned Williamson that he better ‘pray’ she is not pregnant as well. In her next post, she posted a poll with the name options of “Junior” or “Zoriah” and the song titled “Our First Born” by Ginuwine playing in the background of the story post.

Well, Williamson obviously didn’t pray hard enough because he could be now be a father to potentially two newborn children.

Told It All

Mills’ Twitter rant began with her angrily stating that she was in a relationship with Williamson and doesn’t mind being ‘sister wives’ with his pregnant girlfriend. She went on to post screenshots of messages between the two along with money wire transfers, and gave explicit details on their meetups.

Then, Mills tagged the Pelicans and the NBA in a tweet in which she threatened to release sex tapes.

“NBA I have sex tapes of me and @Zionwilliamson and he also has them on his trap phone @NBA @PelicansNBA trade him now he doesn’t deserve to be in New Orleans !!! Sex tapes dropping soon,” Mills tweeted on June 19, before her account was suspended.

She also recently posted a video of her getting his name tattooed on the side of her face. The accusations with Mills forced Williamson’s rookie card to plummet in value.

An alleged positive pregnancy test will add more fuel to the fire.

Stepped In It

Williamson should do everything in his power to make things right with Mills if it is determined that he is a father of a child with her. Her Twitter rant of exposing him for over three weeks almost got him traded. Brian Windhorst of ESPN reported that the Pelicans could have traded Williamson to potentially move up in the 2023 NBA Draft and pick Scoot Henderson.

Those rumors end up not being true because Henderson was drafted third overall by the Portland Trail Blazers and Williamson is staying put in New Orleans for now.

In addition to Williamson’s off-court issues, his health problems are a major concern. The 23-year-old has only played in 114 career games over a four-year span, and is widely criticized for being overweight.

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