Really, Moriah? Zion Williamson’s Twitter-Suspended Ex-Flame Gets His Name Tatted On Her Face

Moriah Mills, the jilted alleged ex-lover of NBA star Zion Williamson took her trolling to the next level. She has tattooed his first name on her face. On Friday, a video of the “former” porn star was released showing her in the tattoo shop getting the ink.

The move is a surprising one given the tumult that she has brought to Williamson’s life since he and his expectant girlfriend, Ahkeema, announced via a viral video gender reveal party that they are having a child. The 22-year-old Williamson did not seem all that happy to be an impending dad, wearing a shirt that said “I’m here because I don’t want to get yelled at,” and saying something cryptic to his unborn child in the video.

“My baby, you’re going to see this at some point,” Zion says, being embraced by Ahkeema. “I don’t know what the future holds, but Mommy and Daddy loves you. If you don’t know nothing else, know Mommy and Daddy love you to life.”

The Weird Life Of Williamson

The words may indicate Zion’s uncertainty in the relationship or that he was already engaged in other relationships at the time. Moriah Mills saw it and began her torrent of exposition tweets to out the man she believed she was exclusively dating. However, her hurt turned ugly rather quickly as she started a doxxing-style campaign showing their purported personal text messages and financial arrangements.

Wire transfer receipts allegedly from Williamson and explicit descriptions of their supposed sexual encounters began to place a stain on Zion’s name. Then she began threatening him with the release of their alleged sex videos all the while imploring the NBA and the New Orleans Pelicans to trade or drop the star. The immediate consequence of those threats was her Twitter account would be suspended.

But the worst part was the fact that she may be pregnant. This coupled with the money and “promises” of a condo in New Orleans may be why she is diverting from a smear camaign to the ultimate show of love; tatting his name on herself.

“Better pray I’m not pregnant too because I’m definitely late @Zionwilliamson,” early tweets read.

“I was with you last week in New Orleans and you couldn’t tell me you had a random thot pregnant after all I’ve done for you @Zionwilliamson.”

“I let you f**k me so many times without condom and this is what u do to me a hood rat that does cpn.”

“I warned you about trapping type hoes @Zionwilliamson and you didn’t listen to me I know the game f**k u and congrats again 🤰 !!! The bill was too high so you had to scrap for crumbs when you couldn’t see me or I was busy.”

Make It Make Sense

Many have wondered why it seems like many NBA players end up in relationships with strippers and online adult content creators, but former NBA point guard Gilbert Arenas recently gave his take.

“Think about the other sex that’s free between noon and seven o’clock. Strippers,” Arenas said during “The Pat Bev Podcast” with Rone. “Instagram models that ain’t got s**t to do in life. All the sophisticated women at work.

“They are at work. Why do you think we are in the malls? Subconsciously, ‘S**t, strippers gotta get their outfits pretty soon.’ Our schedules match up with the worst people, the worst women in life.”

Moriah Mills got a tattoo on her face, which is not the hallmark of a person looking for a 9-to-5 job. Either way, Mills is creating her breakups to weird makeups as the saga continues.

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