When Fake News Becomes Real News | The Private Lives Of Celebrity NBA Players Like Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins Gets Twisted By Social Media

The internet is a wasteland of rumor and innuendo that are even worse for people who are successful. Andrews Wiggins and Jordan Poole are the definitions of success in the NBA spectrum as champions and leaders in their respective positions across the league. That has opened up their personal lives to inspection by the public, and any aberrations in their regular pattern can signal a flag that sends the rumor mill wild with speculation.

The line between reality and surreality is constantly blurred, and Wiggins and Poole are the two more recent extreme examples.

The Internet Is Wiggin

Case in point, For personal reasons, Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins has been MIA from the court since mid-February. Since then, the internet has been abuzz with speculation, but prevalent rumors abound. The side talk to explain his absence has ranged from his two daughters’ mother, Mychal Johnson, cheating on Wiggins with his best friend to the outrageous; that he has been raising two daughters that are not his and a product of Mychal’s alleged affair.

Wiggins and Mychal have reportedly been together since 2013 and have two daughters: Amyah and Alayah Wiggins. Mychal is a former basketball player at the University of Notre Dame.

The notoriously private Wiggins, who hasn’t posted on his official Twitter page since last year, has been silent, but his lady took to Twitter to clear the air on the gossip.

“The internet is really a sick place,” she tweeted first to shame the world that is perpetuating the narrative.

“Literally the farthest thing from the truth,” Johnson tweeted next. “It’s sad y’all even doing this.”

Wiggins has gone radio silent and is still listed as out for Wednesday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks for personal reasons. Wiggins has now missed the team’s past 16 games.

Drowning In The Gossip Poole

Poole is drowning in the gossip zone, with results making him look like a very generous romantic suitor for rapper Ice Spice. Poole supposedly is dating the rapper, and one site claims he dropped $500K on a shopping spree for their first date.

This hasn’t been confirmed, and there are reports that this is downright fabricated by MediaTakeout and the outlet that first reported the two are dating, the sports parody site Buttcrack Sports. However, two young superstars in music and athletics potentially hooking up will always excite the social media rumor mill with the possibilities.

The young rap sensation from the Bronx is trying to make an impression. If true, Poole is trying to move to the head of the line, but a close source reportedly dished on the details.

“He took her shopping for a full day,” a person only identified as a friend of the female rapper purportedly told MediaTakeout. “They bought clothes from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and all that. He bought her a new Maybach truck.”

Poole has also been in the media for other financial reasons. He signed an extension for four years and $128 million. He’ll be going from making $3.9 million this season to $27.4 million at the beginning of next season; his come-up was real.

True or false, the world is captivated by the narratives without caring about the real lives behind the storylines. As reality and fantasy converge, we live in a time where the line is thoroughly blurred, and it seems many like it that way.

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