“You Can’t Do That to Your Brother” | Shannon Sharpe Thinks Steph Curry’s Mouthpiece Toss Was Showing Up Jordan Poole

The talking heads are at it again. This time it’s FS1’s Shannon Sharpe, co-host of “Undisputed.” Sharpe, who got into it with the Memphis Grizzlies last week while attending their game against the Los Angeles Lakers as a fan, said that Steph Curry‘s fourth-quarter ejection from Wednesday night’s game against the Grizzlies for throwing his mouthpiece was showing up teammate Jordan Poole.

Late in the fourth quarter of a very entertaining game with the Golden State Warriors up two with the ball, they grabbed an offensive rebound and the ball was passed out to Poole above the three-point line. Curry was on Poole’s left calling for the ball, clapping in a demonstrative way. We normally don’t see Curry doing that.

Why Did Steph Curry Throw Mouthpiece?

In all likelihood he wanted the Warriors to run their offense and let some clock burn as to limit time for the Grizzlies to tie the game. Poole either didn’t see/hear Curry or ignored him and shot the three. He missed, the Grizzlies rebounded it and while running back on defense Curry threw his mouthpiece into the stands and was assessed a technical foul and ejected.

Sharpe said he had no problem with Curry throwing the mouthpiece in that situation. But didn’t like that he was “showing up” his teammate.

Sharpe’s co-host Skip Bayless says Curry is the most overprotected superstar in sports.

What are we doing? This is an insane conversation to have, but in the 24/7 sports media take economy you have to always sell.

Skip Bayless Calls Curry Most “Overprotected” Star In Sports

Curry was obviously frustrated in the moment as the Warriors had lost four straight at home and have not had the type of season they hoped coming off a championship. In that moment he wanted execution and attention to detail. He said as much when asked postgame.

Curry is no different from countless other superstars across sports.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady berates his linemen and teammates when things don’t go well. However, he’s lauded as a competitor by sports commentators. What’s Curry if not a competitor?

If Tom Brady, MJ Do It Why Not Steph?

NBA and NFL legends from Tom Brady to Michael Jordan chastised teammates on the regular in cruel and demeaning ways. But they are still hailed as ultimate champions.

Sports at the professional level is ultra-competitive. These dudes want to kill each other. It’s primal. Tensions run hot; we see it all the time. When pressure is tightened and a sense of urgency is high, these things happen.

If you watched that game it had the intensity of a playoff game, not a Wednesday night regular season matchup. Both teams wanted it, and in a one-possession game with less than two minutes to go, you have to execute.

If you want to fault Curry for anything, you can say he needed to exercise better discretion and not put his team in danger by getting tossed. As the team’s best player and leader, he knows that.

Fortunately for the Warriors, they were saved by a great read on their baseline out-of-bounds-play by Poole, who cut to the basket for the game-winning layup.

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