‘Can We Keep This Confidential?’: Brett Favre’s Dirty Playbook Exposed As More Receipts Show He Knew State Welfare Funds Should Not Have Been Diverted To His Pet Building Project

The hole that Brett Favre is sinking into keeps getting deeper and deeper. It stems from accusations Favre — the veritable face of football in the poorest state in the nation —misappropriated designated state welfare money, and the receipts keep on coming.

Brett Favre welfare fraud evidence
Brett Favre is still knee deep in a Mississippi welfare fraud scandal.

Mississippi State Auditor Shad White shared a Twitter thread on Monday evening showing some new evidence proving Favre knew precisely where the money was coming from and what restrictions there were on its use. White, who is currently dealing with a defamation lawsuit from Favre, isn’t holding back from sharing more evidence against the hall of famer. He’s joined by former pro athletes turned media personalities Shannon Sharpe and Pat McAfee, whom the former Green Bay Packers gunslinger has also targeted with lawsuits.

New Evidence Against Brett

“New information regarding Brett Favre’s knowledge in the welfare scandal in Mississippi: Tucked into the state’s recent filing in the lawsuit against Favre is a new set of text messages,” White tweeted.

In the tweet was a picture of a legal document from the case against Favre, showing what White believes is proof of Favre’s knowing involvement in the misappropriation.

“Favre asked, ‘Would this solve the brick and mortar issue?’ See Exhibit “I,” MCEC_00940465. Again, Favre knew that grant funds could not be used for brick and mortar construction, but he sought to secretly obtain those funds for that purpose anyway. He asked, “Will the public perception be that I became a spokesperson for various state funded shelters, schools, homes, etc…and was compensated with state money? Or can we keep this confidential?”

White followed up with more tweets.

“The public already knew Favre knew he was receiving public money. But the new texts make it clear Favre knew he was receiving ‘grant’ money intended to benefit people in ‘state funded shelters, schools, homes, etc.’ In other words, the poor,” White said in a tweet.

“The point is that there are multiple exchanges where Favre stressed the need for secrecy. National news has talked about how Favre said in one text that he didn’t want the media to find out. This wasn’t a one-off, transient thought, though. He said it repeatedly,” White said in another tweet.

A Legacy Tarnished

Favre wanted to use the welfare funds to pay for a $5 million volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi, where his daughter went to school and played the sport. Last September, text messages were entered into the state’s civil lawsuit over the welfare scandal with revelations that former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant was entirely on board with making the former NFL quarterback’s plans for a volleyball facility with the funds go through.

There’s also a biomedical startup that Favre is part of that also reportedly received some of that misappropriated funding.

In the exposed text exchanges, the former governor guided Favre on how to draft a winning proposal for funding to steer his idea into the good graces of the Mississippi Department of Human Services. Ironically, former welfare agency director John Davis was fired by then-Gov. Bryant for suspected fraud, and the Favre text message directions came after the removal.

McAfee, one of the former players who have spoken out against Favre, seems to make light of the problems Favre is throwing back at him. During an episode of “The Pat McAfee Show” live at the Super Bowl’s radio row last month, McAfee pooh-poohed the situation.

“Hey, we made it, boys,” McAfee said, before raising a drink along with his co-hosts. “I guess whenever you get a little too big, you fly a little too close to the sun,” McAfee said. “I’m getting sued alongside Shannon Sharpe and an auditor from Mississippi by Brett F***in’ Favre.”

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