Shannon Sharpe Takes Brett Favre’s Case Against Him To The Feds | Uncle Shay Shay Will Be Fresh As Hell If The Feds Watching

Uncle Shay Shay knows how to even the score with a raging Brett Favre. Since Favre has lobbed a defamation lawsuit against Shannon Sharpe during Super Bowl week over comments he made about the Mississippi welfare scandal, Sharpe is trying to level the playing field for his defense.

The case filed against Sharpe in Lamar County, Mississippi, was removed from state court to federal court so that Sharpe has a better chance of fighting the charges. There is a loophole based on local cases brought against out-of-state residents. Since Sharpe doesn’t live in Mississippi and Favre is seeking more than $750,000 (cases qualify to move from state to federal if the plaintiff is seeking more than $75,000), Sharpe exercised his right to take the case out of the Mississippi state courts and into the federal court system.

I’ll Be Fresh As Hell If The Feds Watching

Even amid the controversy, Favre is a beloved native son of Mississippi, and local judges, who the people elect, might have an assumed bias. Federal judges, contrarily, are appointed for life and are perceived as immune to political processes that could affect their judicial livelihood.

Sharpe follows the move made by fellow NFL-veteran-turned-broadcaster Pat McAfee who removed the case from state court to federal court on Friday. Favre apparently sued the broadcasters and Mississippi auditor Shad White for defamation concerning the ongoing Mississippi welfare fraud scandal, all separately.

“We think it’s a slam dunk,” Favre’s lawyer Eric Herschmann said to The Daily Wire via The Daily Mail earlier this month. “Shannon Sharpe, since he’d been sued, has been quiet. Pat McAfee keeps talking about it. In all of my years as an attorney and being a prosecutor previously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a defendant build a case against themselves.

“His defense was, ‘Oh, I threw in the word “allegedly” ‘but two things is; the things that we cite, he didn’t throw in the world ‘allegedly,’ and secondly if he did any research or had a lawyer looking, that’s not really a defense.”

Trump Style! Keep ‘Em In Court

However, aside from Favre attempting to clear his name from the allegations of welfare scandal, it seems he is trying to break McAfee and potentially Sharpe with a financial lesson.

“Well I guarantee you the jury in Mississippi will make certain he learns how to apologize,” Eric Herschmann said to Pro Football Talk regarding McAfee. “It’s going to cost Pat McAfee millions of dollars, and if it bankrupts him then he will have learned his lesson.”

Sharpe called Favre a “sleazeball” during his FS1 show “Undisputed” in September while accusing him of stealing $1.1 million in Mississippi welfare funds for speeches he never made, according to documents regarding the lawsuit. The documents also claim that McAfee allegedly accused Favre of “stealing from the poor people of Mississippi.”

But in the words of 2Chainz, Sharpe and McAfee will be “fresh as hell if the feds watching.”

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