“We Made It Boys” | Pat McAfee’s Ego Welcomes His Being Sued By Brett Favre For Defamation Of Character

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre and his team are suing former NFL player turned NFL analyst and podcast host Pat McAfee for what Favre’s lawyers are calling defamation of character. The suit stems from the $77M Mississippi welfare scandal, and the $5M in misappropriated funds that paid for a volleyball facility at Favre’s alma mater Southern Mississippi University. It also is alleged that the three-time NFL MVP knew that cash was taken from a fund designated for needy families.

Why Is Brett Favre Suing Pat McAfee? 

McAfee has been one of the most vocal as it pertains to his call for Favre to be charged to the fullest extent of the law. There’s also a biomedical startup that Favre is part of that also reportedly received some of that misappropriated funding.

The suit calls out McAfee as well as Pro Football Hall of Famer and current Fox Sports television personality Shannon Sharpe, who happens to be the brother of Favre’s former teammate with the Packers Sterling Sharpe.

During an episode of “The Pat McAfee Show” live at the Super Bowl’s radio row, McAfee made light of the situation.

“Hey, we made it, boys,” McAfee said, before raising a drink along with his co-hosts.

“I guess whenever you get a little too big, you fly a little to close to the sun,” McAfee said. “I’m getting sued alongside Shannon Sharpe and an auditor from Mississippi by Brett F—in’ Favre.”

Sounds like McAfee couldn’t care less about Favre and a lawsuit in response to accusers who say he took money that should have gone to those in need in the poorest state in the country.

Sharpe has used his “Undisputed” on FS1 platform to call out Favre, and the auditor mentioned in the suit, Mississippi state auditor Shad White, has been very outspoken about the funds and what he believes Favre knew about the situation beforehand.

McAfee Says Lawyers Want Him To Apologize. That Ain’t Happening

On the show McAfee referenced the multiple times he’s been written to remove anything speaking derogatory of Favre from his YouTube and or Twitter feed. Something McAfee laughed at this, even calling it “hilarious.” Known for being a bit of a jokester, McAfee added this, “Of course we’re not doing that,” with a laugh at the end.

Favre’s lawyers also requested a public apology, something McAfee says isn’t remotely possible.

“I’m one of the worst apologizers in history.”

McAfee even stated he doesn’t have lawyers and he’s looking forward to his day in court.

“I ain’t got ‘em, so let’s ride this f—er, I’m excited to see how it goes. I’ll see you in court, pal. Cheers to a feel-good Friday not being ruined at all by that.”

McAfee Had A Solid NFL Career

The former West Virginia Mountaineer was drafted in the seventh round of the 2009 by the Indianapolis Colts. He became one of the NFL’s better punter/kickoff specialists, earning two Pro Bowl selections and one All-Pro nod. Upon retirement in 2016, he launched his podcast career, and it’s blossomed into the nationally syndicated weekly show he has.

All along he’s never deviated from who he is, outspoken and at times controversial, but it works for him.

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