Like Father, Like Son | Bronny James Spotted With USC Teammate And Head Coach Enjoying Summer Break Like Parents Were Doing In Europe

Bronny James is no stranger to living a lavish lifestyle, and that includes fine dining. The college freshman recently traded in his meal card from the dining hall for a meal from Catch Steak in West Hollywood.

Bronny James on the Lakers home court at Arena. (Getty Images)

He made headlines last week when he chose to wear his father’s number at USC next season, and he will feel the pressure of living up to the hype now more than ever. Hopefully, the Los Angeles lifestyle doesn’t suck him in too deep like many other athletes and entertainers who couldn’t keep focused surrounded by so much temptation.

L.A. Nightlife

The nightlife in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and New York can really take athletes’ focus away. Bronny will now have to juggle being a college student and navigating through all the things Los Angeles have to offer.

He along with USC head coach Andy Enfield and teammate Isaiah Collier were all spotted at the nice restaurant in West Hollywood. Bronny didn’t spare any expense on his meal or his car. He pulled up in a Porsche 911, which was no surprise since his NIL deals, are valued for a total of $5.9 million.

Bronny surely learned from LeBron on how to navigate the celebrity lifestyle but he is still an 18-year-old with money and celebrity status that not many people will ever get to enjoy in their lifetime. He will also have this type of access in Los Angeles. Reggie Bush was able to avoid the pitfalls and reach his ultimate goal of making it to the NFL. O.J. Mayo, Demar Derozan, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, etc. were also able to be college stars in Hollywood and still stay focused enough to reach the NBA. None of them is the son of LeBron James though. Only time will tell, but hopefully he enjoyed a nice dinner then headed straight back to the comforts of his apartment or dorm room.

Outside Like His Parents

Bronny being spotted enjoying the L.A. nightlife shouldn’t come as a surprise. His mom and dad have enjoyed their summer more than any college student or grade level kid this summer.

For the past few weeks, LeBron and Savannah have been enjoying their free time in Europe. The two were spotted in France at Louis Vuitton Fashion Show, where LeBron went viral for rubbing Rihanna’s belly. He also was spotted dining with Draymond Green.

It’s safe to say Bronny gets it honest and this probably won’t be the last time he is spotted out enjoying the L.A. nightlife. Hopefully, the headlines remain positive and he doesn’t get too wrapped up in the Hollywood lifestyle.

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