LeBron James Tears Down $37 Million L.A. Mansion To Build Dream Home

NBA superstar LeBron James is “overseeing” the construction of a new dream home in Los Angeles. But he had to demolish the original $37 million mansion to do it.

LeBron purchased the property in 2020 and has received his permits, according to reports, to begin construction on his new Beverly Hills dream home.

The home was listed for $39 million in 2020 but Bron was able to secure it at $2 million below asking price.

This Is What Insanely Rich People Do

The original home on a 2.5 acre piece of land overlooking Beverley Hills and the Pacific Ocean was built in the 1930s. It boasted four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two detached guesthouses, seven fireplaces, a tennis court, a movie theater, a swimming pool, and a pool house. There was a hedged-lined driveway that led to a large motor court that approached the main house.

But it’s all gone now. Reduced to rubble.

You might be asking yourself, what is Bron thinking? That sounds like a dream home. You’d be right. But it was someone else’s dream home, not Bron’s.

Here’s the thing when you are insanely rich, bordering on wealthy like Bron is. You want exactly what you want when it comes to all things. The “problem” is there is only a finite amount of land available. There isn’t any more being created.

The spot of the original mansion with its views of Beverly Hills and the Pacific is Bron’s ideal location. But the home wasn’t. Rather than settle for a home that was closer in line to what he wanted but somewhere else, he decided to bulldoze and create a brand new construction.

This is the world of the rich and famous. We mere mortals know nothing about it.

What’s Next For Bron And The Lakers?

It’s the summer and Bron is enjoying the offseason, last seen vacationing in Europe. He will eventually make his way back to the States and prepare for his 21st season.

All that talk about retiring after the Los Angeles Lakers loss to the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference finals, was just that. Talk.

Meanwhile the rest of the West has made moves to fortify themselves as they chase the champion Denver Nuggets. The Lakers have some work to do to re-sign key players and make additional moves around the edges, but have been quiet so far. Team vice president and general manager Rob Pelinka doesn’t seem too worried though.

“I think we believe in the proof of concept of this group, and we saw defensively what we were able to do to finish the season out, and I think defense and rebounding wins championships. … We want to lean into that,” Pelinka said Tuesday. “I think if there’s ways we can improve the roster, of course we’re going to do that. I think probably less focus of, ‘Hey, what is Team X or Team Y doing?’ And more focus on, ‘How can we optimize us?'”

That’s fair. The Lakers did reach the conference finals, though they were swept. Bron and his running mate Anthony Davis aren’t getting younger and will likely spend time on the injured list next season.

Pelinka is right in a sense. It isn’t about other teams per se. But they need to make sure they have enough versatility on their roster to get through what will be a tough Western Conference, if they want to win another championship in the Bron era.

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