Jalen Ramsey’s Still Turning Up, Speaking His Truth

A couple of days after he was suspended for flipping on reporters in person and then on Twitter, a GQ article came out in which the Jaguars opinionated cornerback Jalen Ramsey called Buffalo rookie quarterback Josh Allen trash, said Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl-winning QB Joe Flacco sucks and called Matt Ryan overrated 

It was one of those classic trash-talking moments in NFL history and continues to enhance his growing reputation as the NFLs No. 1 big mouth. His latest criticism of the NFLs new helmet rule, which has spurned 60 penalties through 3 preseason games — even blaming the rule for Marqise Lee’s serious knee injury — is further proof that hes not limiting his opinions, quieting his approach or discriminating when choosing his verbal targets. The league is really posing difficulties for defensive players, so I guess somebody had to say something about it. Other players have complained, but Ramsey has the ear of the press and the people. When he talks, everybody listens.  

Pat Welter on Twitter

Jaguars WR Marqise Lee goes down with a knee injury last night. Falcons Safety Demontae Kazee penalized under the #NFL new helmet rule. I asked Jalen Ramsey what he thought about the play, he says “People are scared to tackle normal.” @MyNews13 @SpecSports360 https://t.co/JS1ec9HmQA

Ramsey must be auditioning for his post-football career as the new League’s commissioner because he has a take on everything. Its been suggested by some informed NFL minds that Ramsey tone it down a bit, stop putting a bullseye on his back and playing the villain. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

Jalen Ramsey was blocked into Le’Veon Bell and then Bell took a dive. Ramsey was flagged tho? https://t.co/THj4cJOpeo

The threat of becoming a target of the League and the backlash from his demeaning commentary in GQ, hasnt stop the talented secondary soldier from sticking to his guns. 

 Speaking after the Jaguars preseason win over the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, Ramsey explained why hell continue to stand by his remarks. I dont live my life with regrets, Ramsey said, per The Florida Times-Unions John Reid. Things happen, and I said what I said. God knows I love everything about the game of football. I love the competitiveness, I love the trash talking and I love the challenges. I love literally everything about the game. I have no regrets. I wasnt in control of them releasing the timing of that, but I will follow up with the best because its all on me. 

Sports Illustrated on Twitter

‘I was just out there spitting facts to him’ – Jalen Ramsey on his on-field fight with A.J. Green https://t.co/PBTJBqeYwJ

If anything, Ramseys willingness to speak so recklesslysets up some great TV,  creates drama and puts the spotlight on the Jaguars. He’s coming to the Bright Lights of the Big Apple to take on one of the electrifying and magnetic superstars in all of sports. People will clamour to the set and flip to NFL Red Zone in hopes of seeing a Josh Norman-Odell Beckham Jr. type of madness. NFL outlets and social media will be anticipating Ramseys weekly matchups with the league’s top receivers. 

Ramsey wont have to wait long. His pedigree will get seriously tested in the first game of the season. 

He meets OBJ on opening night Sept. 9. OBJ is one of the all-time trash talkers at wide receiver, hes returning from injury, would have just signed a record-breaking contract and will be eager to re-establish himself as the NFLs most unstoppable force at the position. This matchup has the chance to be a pure explosion. 

NFL Update on Twitter

Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey was asked about his week 1 matchup vs the #Giants and Odell Beckham Jr.: “He’s the best WR, I’m the best corner. We’re going to give the people a show.”

Ramseys like an old school Wild West gunfighter, shifting from town to town, looking for a showdown with anybody who feels confident enough to accept the challenge. Hes just not shutting up for anybody. And as long as hes backing it up, theres really nothing anyone can do about it. 

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