Floyd Mayweather Toeing The Line Of Ridiculous With Exhibition Against John Gotti’s Grandson | When Is It Enough Champ?

Floyd Mayweather’s next fight will be a mix of Coachella and boxing. The former undefeated welterweight champion will take on mafia royalty. He plans to square up with John Gotti’s grandson John Gotti III in his next exhibition fight. The 46-year-old has made more than enough money during his boxing career, but the exhibition boxing matches have been very lucrative for him as well.

(Left) Floyd Mayweather courtside at a Lakers game; (center) Ozuna performing at Calibash Latin Music Festival; (right) John Gotti III during one of his MMA fights. (Photos: Getty Images and screenshot from MMA Twitter page)

The fight is scheduled for June 11 at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida. Mayweather has booked grammy winner and latin music superstar Ozuna to be the entertainment for the night. Mayweather and Gotti are expected to make an official announcement with a press conference on Thursday.

“Floyd was the first to start the exhibition concept, and everyone followed. Now he is adding some spice to the mix,” James McNair, Mayweather’s friend and president of the Money Team, told TMZ Sports. “A boxing exhibition and musical performances all under one roof.”

The star-studded exhibition will be reportedly titled “Last Names Matter.”

Who Is John Gotti III?

Gotti III is a mixed martial arts fighter by trade but has some professional boxing experience. He has a 5-1 record as a MMA fighter and 2-0 record with one knockout as a boxer.

He made his boxing debut in October and had his most impressive appearance in January when he reportedly knocked out Alex Citrowske in one round.

His grandfather died in 2002 but the Gotti III has carried the family’s name in the boxing ring and the Octagon.

Mayweather’s Past Exhibition Fights

Mayweather fought Aaron Chalmers in an eight-round fight in February but no winner was declared. He has also fought YouTube stars Logan Paul and Deji, RIZIN standout Mikuru Asakura, kickboxing champion Tenshin Nasukawa and Don Moore.

He reportedly made $9 million when he faced off against Tenshin. He was reportedly guaranteed $10 million in base salary and 50 percent off the pay-per-view sales in his fight against Paul. Mayweather told fans he made $100 million on social media for the Paul fight.

He reportedly earned 80 percent of the pay-per-view sales against Moore and an estimated $50 million to $60 million total for the fight.

The Mirror reported that he made made around $15 million to $20 million in his fight against Asakura.

It’s hard to tell how much a fighter truly made with pay-per-view sales, promotion, ticket sales, and the base purse, but we do know that whoever steps in the ring with Mayweather is guaranteed to make a bag.

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