Logan Paul Wants To Avenge His Brother’s Loss To Tommy Fury | WWE Boxing By YouTube Has Arrived

YouTubers don’t always make for lousy boxers, and the Paul brothers are living proof. But after Jake Paul’s first loss of his career to Tommy Fury, the once-undefeated boxer’s big bro now wants to step in for their revenge.

Logan Paul Wants To Avenge Brother Jake’s Loss

Logan Paul says that he wants to fight Tommy Fury now after he defeated his brother Jake. Jake’s undefeated record came to an end after Tommy won by a split decision in Saudi Arabia on Feb. 25.

Logan Paul wants to avenge Jake Paul against Tommy Fury
Logan Paul wants a rematch with Tommy Fury for his brother, and if there is no rematch, Logan says he wants to ‘handle’ the situation himself. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

After Jake’s defeat, Logan was certainly shaken by his brother’s loss, especially from all the chirping and back-and-forth between the two. Logan wants a rematch for his brother, and if there is no rematch, Logan says he wants to ‘handle’ the situation himself.

“If you don’t [have a rematch], I’d like to handle that,” Logan Paul said on Jake Paul’s podcast “BS W/Jake Paul” podcast.. “That was like my first instinct, obviously.”

Whether this is just his big brother instinct to want to beat up anybody “messing” with his little brother, or Logan just wants to see if he can take on Tommy himself, this is already a great promotional scheme to set up another huge fight that will bring in millions of dollars. 

Both brothers may be in on the scheme though, as Jake doubled down on the brotherly love, saying that he’d want to move up and face Logan’s rival KSI. 

Logan also questioned whether Tommy Fury actually deserved the win that he got in a split decision. Logan basically saying that Fury barely won, and is celebrating like he dominated the match.

Mirror quotes Logan as saying “Congrats to the Furys, but did Tommy really win?” Logan said during the podcast episode. “Technically, yeah, but you’re going to celebrate that? You’re supposed to kill this YouTuber and it took you eight rounds to drop him. Congrats, but are you satisfied? Because as a boxer I don’t know if that would do it for me. On paper, you got it, congrats, but you celebrated like you won the World Cup.”

Jake took to losing rather well, as opposed to his brother questioning the win, and the younger Paul brother even congratulated his opponent, Tommy, and provided a humble and understandable reason for why he couldn’t come out on top.

“I felt flat, I got sick twice in this camp and injured my arm. It wasn’t my best performance, but I’m not making excuses and I’ll come back stronger.

Does Jake Paul Deserve A Rematch?

Tommy hasn’t yet revealed whether he’d be open to fighting Logan, who is a much more skilled fighter than his younger brother. But if the money is there, best believe we may very well see a Logan Paul-Tommy Fury fight happening in the future.

Tommy already practically accepted the rematch between him and Jake Paul, but there’s no telling if this rematch happens.

The Daily Mail had Fury’s take on the rematch idea: “One hundred percent. This is my first main event. I’m only going to stronger. I’m only going to bigger and better. There were a lot of nerves coming into it, and I override that. If he wants a rematch, bring that.”

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