Tim Bradley Thinks Tank Davis Is A “Piece Of S**t” | Wants Ryan Garcia To “Knock His Ass Out”

Former welterweight champion Tim Bradley was very critical of Gervonta “Tank” Davis after his win over Hector Luis Garcia. He is now en route to a showdown against “King” Ryan Garcia. The opinions are coming out now that the coast is clear for their April 15 fight, and Bradley hopes that “King” Ryan will teach Davis a lesson.

“He has great size over Tank and I’m rooting for him,” Bradley said in an interview with Fight Hub. “I want him to win because I’m not a fan of Tank, I’ll be honest with you. I’m not a fan of him, I’m not a fan of what he does or the way he operates outside the ring and I want Ryan Garcia to knock his ass out. Knock him out. Sit him on his pants. Give him a rude awakening.”

Fighting In Their Primes

Back in October, Gervonta “Tank” Davis and “King” Ryan Garcia took to Twitter and posted simple affirmations, “Done” and “Done Deal,” both with the side eye emoji at the end of the post. The tweets came within minutes of each other. Since then, Davis fought Hector Luis Garcia and defeated him via a ninth-round TKO when he complained on his stool of not being able to see after being struck hard during the fight.

Now Ryan Garcia is up next against Tank, and Bradley hopes he is ready but sees problem areas for Garcia that Tank can exploit.

“I can hope, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen, stylistically, there are some problems that I see that can serve Ryan Garcia up,” Bradley continued. “If he can fix these problems moving forward in this fight then he has a damn chance, a damn good chance, a puncher’s chance and with his speed, his quickness and his youth he got a chance, no doubt about it. But he got to fix these holes first and I’m not going to give you that. You got a trainer, I’m not getting paid for this.”


Bradley was elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in December, but Tank felt that he was undeserving, to say it politely, which he didn’t.

“Tim was really ass. Facts,” David tweeted back in December.

Bradley said that didn’t affect him, but he thinks badly about Tank.

“Its not personal, everybody has their opinion,” Bradley continued. “I don’t like the guy because of that, I just don’t like the guy from what I hear and what I see. I think he’s a piece of s***. You put your hands on a woman like that, you’re a piece of s*** in my book. You’re not a man. My Dad always told me you’re a coward if you do something like that. Deep down inside, you’re a coward because you’ve got to pick on somebody that can’t even defend themselves?

“It takes two, not just one. I listened to the video, I heard him in the background of the audio. I don’t appreciate that type of behavior from any man. Tank, good fighter but horrible person.”

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