Arizona Cardinals Star WR DeAndre Hopkins Has No Issue With Being Released | Would Like To Play With These Five QBs Not Named Kyler Murray

Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has been the talk of trade rumors since before the NFL draft and now that the team has officially released him, we know that he will not play another down with Kyler Murray or any other Cardinals signal-caller behind center.

Hopkins’ name has been linked to many teams, mainly the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills.

During a recent appearance on the “I Am Athlete” podcast, Hopkins elaborated on his future in the Valley of the Sun.

Hopkins was pretty candid about what he’d like to see happen as it pertains to his future.

Hopkins Has A List of QBs He Wants To Play With

Hopkins even gave a list of QBs he’d like to play with. He named Josh Allen (Bills), Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs), Lamar Jackson (Ravens), Justin Herbert (Chargers), and Jalen Hurts (Eagles). All of those franchises are well-run and well-coached, with elite signal-callers, three things that D-Hop craves as he winds down his career. 

“For me, understanding and knowing the business, I can’t go into it with an ego,” he continued. “Hearing rumors of me being traded or shopped around, that does nothing for me as far as making me feel some kind of way towards the team.“

Keeping Hopkins on a roster that won’t have star quarterback Kyler Murray as he recovers from a torn ACL didn’t seem feasible, especially for a roster that needs all the talent it can get. Moving Hopkins in a trade would definitely have helped the plan for a rapid rebuild, as it would have net some valuable assets in return. 

Hopkins Seeks Stability From Team Brass Wherever He Plays

During the interview Hopkins made it clear that he isn’t looking for money, or clout, he has enough of that. The five-time All-Pro wants stability more than anything as he enters the latter stages of his soon -to-be Hall of Fame career. 

“What I want is stable management upstairs. I think that’s something that I haven’t really had the past couple years coming from Houston to being in Arizona; I’ve been through three to four GMs in my career. … A QB who loves the game, a GM who brings everybody on board with him, pushes not just himself. I don’t need a great QB — I’ve done it with subpar QBs — just a QB who loves the game like I do. And a great defense. I think defense wins championships. 

“For me, that’s it: great management, a QB who loves the game and a great defense.”

He wants to win at this point in his career. He’s carried enough subpar offenses and quarterbacks for that matter.

Now he gets to pick where he goes and that’s a great position to be in.

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