Antonio Brown With Cries For Attention, Returns to Old Playbook | Comes For Tom Brady Again

Former NFL All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown must be close to releasing some new music or something.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers star is once again coming for seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady.

Brown has constantly attacked Brady since AB notoriously walked off the field shirtless in the Buccaneers’ final regular season game of the 2021 season. With a post-retirement career that has run the gamut from pro team ownership to music to fashion to running Kanye’s now-defunct Donda Sports Academy to more legal issues, Brown seems to have hit a rough patch.

The former All-Pro wide receiver has these outbursts every few months, and for some reason Brady is always at the center of it.

Antonio Brown Stays Calling Out Tom Brady 

This time he’s calling out Brady for being a selfish teammate, and one who was all about personal stats and accolades. Seems odd considering he lived in Brady’s house while playing for the Buccaneers, and if not for Brady vouching for him it’s highly plausible the Bucs never would’ve even considered bringing AB in with his track record and baggage.

But, for some strange reason this has been Brown’s MO, attack the character of Brady.

Brown Calling Someone Selfish Is The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

In a rant on X (formerly known as Twitter) the mercurial but supremely talented former NFL wideout had a lot to say …

“Ask anyone is Tom Brady selfish bro want stats too you think he like Peyton Manning or you think he didn’t play longer to then  Drew Brees to pass his stats ok ima let the crackers think it’s me when I’m coming off the bench to help his team win,” Brown wrote. 

Fans fired back in Brady’s defense against Brown’s monthly rant. 

“He tried multiple times to save your career and opened up his home to you, he rocked w/you when nobody else was and you made him a fool for it. This is how you end up w/nobody on your side in life,” they posted. 

Not to be outdone, Brown quickly had a rebuttal:

“How you gone save a guy career who dominated the game his whole career! AB took hisself out the game I ain’t buying that s—t u selling! U sound like a cracker trying to make it seem like you did so much for me whole time you using me for your purpose once fulfilled just like a cracker say you’re Done.”

Interesting that Brown seems to be the only former teammate with things like to say about the legendary quarterback. Brady played with guys like Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans and other greats and not a peep of this type of stuff. All they’ve ever said was he was a great leader and teammate. 

Brady Is Hall Of Fame Bound, Brown Has Blown His Chance

With Brady set to be the marquee player enshrined in the Class of 2028, one has to wonder if Brown’s off-the-field antics have tarnished his chances for Canton. At one point, AB seemed like a lock, but since his final NFL play he’s had public heat with everybody, including the league. Character also plays a part in determining if a player is Canton-worthy. 

Numbers don’t lie, if Terrell Owens was made to wait a year just because he had some rough patches with the Philadelphia media, then Brown almost has no shot at this point. His best bet would be if people stopped giving him a platform.

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