Randy Moss Celebrates His 46th Birthday | Top Ten Plays of His Career

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and therefore a day to celebrate the greatness of Randy Moss for football fans. The 46-year-old is widely known as the second-best receiver of all-time behind Jerry Rice

And he reached the tender age of 46 on Tuesday, so we have to give Birthday shoutouts to an NFL GOAT candidate.

Magic Moss finished his career ranked third in receiving yards (15,292) and fourth in receiving touchdowns (156). Moss was apart of the 2018 Hall of Fame class, a six-time Pro Bowl selection, four time All-Pro, and the NFL 2000s All-Decade team.

He made two Super Bowl appearance with New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII and with the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. He was never able to capture a ring in his 14 seasons but made his impact in the NFL. His last name became a verb, “Moss.”

In honor of Moss 46th birthday, we count down his top ten moments.

1. Turkey Day Revenge

Moss torched the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in 1998 in his rookie year after it was reported that they passed on him 1998 NFL draft. He had three receptions, 163 receiving yards, and three receiving touchdowns.

2. Record-Breaking Catch

In 2007, Moss and the Patriots had a season to remember. Moss broke Rice’s single-season record with 23 receiving touchdowns. Rice set the record in 1987 with 22 receiving touchdowns as a member of the 49ers in his third season. Brady also passed Peyton Manning’s single-season passing touchdown record with his 50th of the season.

3. Showing His Butt

Moss was known for his elaborate celebrations throughout his career, but in 2005 he went for broke. He caught a fourth quarter touchdown pass and proceeded to fake as if he was mooning the Packers crowd. Fox announcer Joe Buck said on live television, “That is a disgusting act by Randy Moss.”

4. Rookie Debut

In 1998, he introduced the world to his greatness in his first game as a rookie against the Buccaneers. Moss had four receptions for 94 yards and two receiving touchdowns.

5. Moss versus T.O.

Moss and Terrell Owens were consistently compared throughout their careers. Both players were considered the top two at their positions during their time in the NFL. In 2003, both felt the pressure to prove which one was the better of the two in their matchup in Minnesota. Moss finished the game with eight receptions, 172 yards, and three touchdowns. Owens had just five receptions, 55 yards, and a viral moment of him cursing out coaches on the sideline.


6. Moss finds a shelter on Revis Island

Moss, like many receivers, had a hard time finding success against Darrelle Revis, but he got the best of the Hall of Fame corner with a sweet one-handed touchdown grab over Revis.

7. MVP of the Pro Bowl

Moss embraced big moments in his career, and he did that again in 2000 Pro Bowl. He had nine catches for 212 yards and one touchdown. That performance earned him his only Pro Bowl MVP of his career.

8. Punt Return vs Chiefs

The 6-foot-4 deep threat was known for his one-handed catches but he also had incredible speed. In 1999, he had five receptions for 76 yards and a 64-yard punt return against the Chiefs.

9. 2007 versus Bills

Moss’ whole 2007 campaign can have its own top ten plays, but week 11 against the Bills stood out. He torched their secondary for 10 receptions, 128 yards and four touchdowns.


10. Poor Bears

He gave every team’s secondary problems, and he did it again in 1999 against the Bears. Moss light them up for 204 yards receiving in a 27-24 Vikings victory in Week 10, the only 200-yard receiving game of his career.

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