It’s Always Something With T.O. | Hall Of Fame WR Terrell Owens Hit By Car In Calabasas After Pickup Hoops Game

Pro Football Hall of Fame WR Terrell Owens was deliberately struck by a car on Monday night in Calabasas, California, after a pickup basketball game.

According to reports, Owens and another man got into an argument during the game, after the game the other man got into his car and drove into Owens. The former All-Pro wasn’t seriously injured and didn’t need to go to the hospital, according to police. No arrests have been made as of this writing.

Argument During A Pickup Game

I have questions.

How fast was that car going that Owens’ knee got clipped but he didn’t need to go to the hospital? Why are grown men getting mad over a pickup basketball game? Why do people love coming for Owens?

T.O. is lucky that he wasn’t seriously injured, that could’ve ended badly.

People obviously get heated during competition, but to then get into your car to try and seriously hurt someone is crazy.

T.O. has had his share of run-ins with people in public over the last couple years.

In August of 2022, Owens and a white woman in his neighborhood got into an argument after she accused him of driving recklessly and almost hitting her while she was riding her bicycle. The woman started crying when police arrived on the scene and accused Owens of trying to intimidate her. No arrests were made and everyone went on their way, but T.O. posted a video on his Instagram account about the neighborhood “Karen.”

Conflict Seems To Find Owens

In November of 2022, Owens knocked a man out hard right cross outside a CVS in Los Angeles. The man was allegedly harassing and heckling patrons inside the store and once outside took a swing at Owens.

Owens has also been in a back and forth with ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith this year, though that is just a lot of posturing on social media and television. There have been no threats of violence.

Maybe Owens is a magnet for contention because he likes it? Who knows. Maybe it would be best if he just laid low for a while.

On the field he was one of the greatest WRs of all-time. Second in yards and third in TDs. A six-time Pro Bowl selection and five-time first team All-Pro, who led the league in TDs in three different seasons.

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