“Keep That Same Energy” | Terrell Owens Calls Out Stephen A. Smith, Letting Him Know He’s With All The Smoke

The drama between Terrell Owens and Stephen A. Smith is getting deeper as Owens took the beef off “X,” formerly known as Twitter, to the podcast. He unloaded on how he feels about Smith to former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on the “All The Smoke” podcast.

“Keep that same energy. You’re gonna call me a sorry ass and I’m pathetic things, that I’m trifling,” Owens said. “When [and] if I ever come across you, keep that same energy. It’s not a threat, but you’re not gonna use that platform to downgrade me as a person and what I’ve accomplished for your benefit.”

“You’re not finna disrespect me,” he added.

What Happened?

A chain of events that stemmed from Smith discussing why he and Max Kellerman didn’t work out on “First Take” roped Owens into an online brawl with SAS. When Smith described how he wasn’t happy working with Kellerman and why he was fired, X users began sharing Owens’ past appearance on “First Take” to discuss Colin Kaepernick in 2019 with Smith, where he said, “Max [Kellerman] almost seems blacker than you, Stephen A.”

Owens caught wind of the online co-signs from people who were critical of Smith’s true intention behind getting Kellerman fired. Still, when he retweeted the video with the caption, “FACTS,” Smith went on a Twitter rampage threatening to “expose” him. It got so bad that Kyrie Irving jumped in the middle to broker a cease-fire.

The Beef Cooks

“He had the opportunity to sit in front of his in front of his audience, his millions of subscribers… but for me, I wanted to share with everybody to give them some context as to what he is saying is not accurate, it’s not totally true,” Owens continued.

“For him to try to build me up and then bash me and attack my character, that’s not going to fly with me,” Owens emphasized. “Stephen A, he’s walking around like that just because ESPN padded his pockets with some millions. He’s walking around like he’s up, like he’s an athlete, like he got that kind of cachet, and then like start mentioning guys. That’s not cool to be name-dropping.”

Smith has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with T.O. Now Owens is saying the same. The beef between the two continues with Owens letting it be known that he is with all the smoke.

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