“You Gotta Pay Bro” | A.J. Brown Gets Philly Blunt, Will Bounce If Jalen Hurts Does

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown is letting the world know he is staunchly loyal to quarterback Jalen Hurts. Brown appeared on the “Raw Room” podcast, where he expressed that he and Hurts are, in essence, a package deal to him, and if Hurts decided to leave for some reason, they better prepare to find a new wideout too.

“You gotta pay bro,” Brown said on the “Raw Room” podcast posted on Tuesday by former NFL players and hosts Darren Bates and Jalen Collins. “I love Philly. What I’m about to say; You do not pay this man, just ship me off wherever he’s going to go. So, you talk about pressure, Howie [Roseman], get it done.”

Get It Done

Brown was referring to the Eagles executive vice president Howie Roseman. The clock is ticking on the Eagles as Hurts enters his rookie deal’s final year. The trio of Hurts, Brown, and DeVonta Smith took Philly all the way to the Super Bowl. Brown and Hurts were outstanding all season long. Brown posted 11 touchdowns, 88 receptions, and 1,496 yards receiving, with his receiving yards becoming a single-season record for the franchise.

A.J. Brown (Photo: Cooper Neill / Getty)

Hurts matched him as the ultimate gunslinger, posting 4,461 yards offensively and 35 total TDs, with 22 coming from passing and 13 rushing.

“I’m definitely going to try to do everything in my power to play as long with Jalen as I can,” Brown continued. “Him and DeVonta. Me and DeVonta, we’re a great tandem. I’m definitely going to try to keep that going as long as I can. He’s up and rising; another level. At some point, he going to be up. We’re definitely going to try to keep the team together and try to win when we’re together. They gotta give Jalen (Hurts) the house, the building, the state, the everything.”

His commitment to the Eagles franchise while under Hurts’ QB purview has been proven. Brown revealed that he spilled the beans on his former Tennessee Titans team’s defensive plays before the Eagles’ Dec. 4 game last season to give his new team an added advantage.

“I gave every detail,” Brown said. “I gave every detail. I gave it all. I gave it all. They don’t change nothing. They don’t change nothing. I talked to one of the defensive guys and they say ‘What does this mean? What does this mean?’ I say, ‘Just give me the game film, I’ll tell you what all this means.'”

The Eagles won that game 35-10 at home.

Checking For A.J.

Brown, who is going into the second year of his four-year, $100 million contract with the Eagles, made it no secret that he has options. He revealed that two teams tried to acquire him before the Philadelphia Eagled scooped him up in early 2022 from the Tennessee Titans. One of the teams that wanted to catch him was the New York Jets, and the other team was the Kansas City Chiefs.

“An hour later, my agent called me and was like, ‘Hey, Philly is going to try and push for you.’ I be getting a couple of teams, like the Chiefs tried to get me,” Brown continued. “A couple of other teams like the Jets, and all that stuff, but Philly made a strong push.”

The current iteration of the Philadelphia Eagles proved they can get to the big game and Brown believes they will clinch the win next time but only with Hurts; anything else looks like a deal-breaker for Brown.

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