Tyreek Hill Got $100M and Turned Into Nick Cannon? | Settles First Of Several Paternity Suits

Miami Dolphins star wide receiver Tyreek Hill has continually been in the news, and most of it isn’t because of his great abilities on the gridiron.

Hill, who was traded to the Fins from Kansas City in March 2022, has reportedly been a very busy man since signing that four-year, $120 million extension following the trade, making him the highest-paid wideout in the NFL. 

And while his production on the field has been as expected in his first two seasons with 238 receptions for 3,509 yards and 20 touchdowns, his production off the field has seemingly been pretty steady as well.

The dynamic Hill has reportedly fathered three children over a four-month span in 2023, and now he’s now dealing some paternity and child support issues. 

Hill Settles First Paternity Suit With Brittany Lackner

Per the Daily Mail, Hill and Brittany Lackner, who’s the mother of Hill’s now 1-year-old son who was born in February 2023, reached an agreement following paternity testing which proved that Hill was 99.9 percent the father. 

“The parties agree and acknowledge that Tyreek Hill is the natural and biological father of this minor child, S.C.H born in 2023,” per a judge’s ruling, according to the Daily Mail. 

“The parties freely and voluntarily entered into a Paternity Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan on January 24, 2022, which globally resolves all issues attendant to this matter, which includes parental responsibility, time sharing and child support.”

The agreement brings to an end a year-long battle between the two parties. The holdup was allegedly over Hill only offering $2,500 per month for child support. That amount was deemed “woefully inadequate,” per Lackner’s team, considering Hill rakes in $30 million per season on the gridiron alone. 

Hill Will Likely Be Dropping Another Bag Soon

With this case now in the rearview mirror, Hill now has to face the music in a second paternity suit pending. This one is with Kimberly Kaylee Baker, who claims that daughter Trae Love Baker is indeed Hill’s as well.

Her lawyers are claiming that Hill has completely ignored Baker and the newborn, so this is obviously her only way to get his attention. 

While no court date has been set yet, Hill’s track record thus far in these situations hasn’t been very good. Meaning it’s highly plausible he’ll be coughing up some bread once this one is complete. 

Hill Says He’s Happily Married: Reportedly Breaks Plus Size Model’s Leg

Not to be forgotten is Hill got married in November, reportedly unknowingly filed for divorce in January, only to say he’s “happily married.” That was followed by his mansion catching fire, and a recent lawsuit filed by a plus-size model claiming Hill broke her leg, with her seeking $50K in punitive damages. 

Point blank, Hill gotta chill. 

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