Tiger Woods’ Potential Masters Comeback Would Solidify His GOAT Status

The “Comeback Kid” Tiger Woods teed off today in the place where his legend first began back in 1997. The child prodigy who was on ‘The Mike Douglas Show’ (with Bob Hope) at age 2 flexing his golf prowess and then went to Stanford and eventually stormed the PGA tour with a string of dominance that was unprecedented in a sport so multi-conditioned, complex and skillful as golf, has weathered every storm and is back teeing off among the favorites at the 82nd Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. 

CBS Sports on Twitter

Tiger Woods’ first round at #themasters in over 1,000 days has begun. https://t.co/Nj020wsUeB https://t.co/yteLOCdCXK

So far Tiger is +1 through seven holes, but it’s still the early holes of his opening round of golf. 

Nike is celebrating his return with a new commercial. 

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Nike has a new commercial for Tiger Woods. ‘Welcome back.’ https://t.co/bsOaTmI33p

Tigers rise back to the center of the golf universe is a testament to his professionalism, character, and love of the sport. Where most men would have just lived with regret, Tiger rose out of the ashes like Cardi B from the strip clubs to the billboard charts and recaptured the fans that had abandoned all faith in him returning to a top contender for a fifth Masters championship or 15th major.  

The 42-year-old living legend has scratched his way back to a ranking of 104 in the world with a steady improvement in each of his tournaments this season. His game has peaked at the right time and hes exercised his demons and shook off the injuries and enchanting calls of his vices. Now, one of the transcending sports figures in modern American history has a chance to come full circle. 

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Tiger Woods is the biggest draw in sports again: https://t.co/AuPxHhgmZw

Woods has already paid for his mistakes. He lost his father and then his family following a collision with a fire hydrant trying to get away from his wife who was wielding a golf club and smashing out the back windows. From that point, the perfect image was shattered and scandal followed him like a shadow. He lost his health and his endorsements and then he lost his golf game. 

Watching Tiger participate for golfs most lit prize and bring that same electricity and optimism that we thought was lost will enhance golfs profile this weekend at The Masters. Families of color who have stopped watching the sport since Tigers demise will flip on the tube and root for the legend to ride again.

Tiger still commands a presence that makes even the most casual sports fan of any race take a peek to see if he can put a bow on a career that deserves to be remembered in its proper iconic graces as a story of triumph rather than one of tragedy.  

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