Another Way To Grab The Greens| Golf Gave Rapper Schoolboy Q Peace His $6M Music Career Didn’t Provide

Rapper Schoolboy Q has always had an affirmation for the game of golf. The five-time Grammy-nominated rapper who was born in Germany but raised in California burst on the scene in 2008 with his debut mixtape “ScHoolboy Turned Hustla.”

The West Coast lyricist, who cites rappers Biggie Smalls, Nas and 50 Cent as his biggest influences, with 50 being the reason he began to take the craft seriously, also enjoys the game of golf. 

He has a net worth of $6M according to Celebrity Net Worth, from music and shrewd business endeavors, but says golf brought him peace in life and he started participating in Pro-Am events. His celebrity handicap in the 2023 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am was 12.

Q has long talked about how the sport of golf played a role in helping him learn about himself as a person. Thanks to the great Tiger Woods and his rise to fame, hearing a minority say something like that doesn’t come as a surprise.

Q even boasted about taking five years off from the music industry because of golf and the racism he encountered trying to immerse himself in the community.

Q Opens Up On Podcast

During a recent appearance on fellow rapper Lil Yachty’s podcast, Q talked about his love for the sport, and how he made a bag off of it. When asked what made him give up music for five years, Q told Yachty:

“I was able to relax for five years,” he said. “I made a lot of money off rap, but golf helped me a lot.”

Interesting, but Q helped roll out the video game PGA Tour 2K21, and even appearing in the game’s launch while also performing at the launch party in Tinseltown. Q says for every successful rich rapper there are stories of those who go broke when things slow down, and he for one refused to be in that dynamic, so he found other avenues to bring in money. Golf just happened to be lucrative for him.

What Made Q Fall In Love With The Game?

While participating in the 2022 Pebble Beach Pro-Am in California, Q mentioned to the Golf Channel how golf helped changed his entire perspective on life.

“Coming from where I come from, the life that I had, I never thought about playing golf,” Q said. “I got into it, and it changed my mental, it let me learn myself as a person. Like, this is why certain things in my life are going bad or certain things are going good, because of the attitude thing. It fixed my attitude in my life. It fixed a whole lot of things about me in life.”

“Life is a golf game,” he continued. “Some good shots. Some bad shots. But most importantly keep going because you never know. Don’t give up because you’re in the sand on the fourth shot, you might chip it in. It just taught me about life, you feel me?” 

Q also told Golf Digest in 2019 that a $10K bet was where he got his first feel for the sport. And according to him he hasn’t looked back since. 

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