The Eye In The Sky Don’t Lie| Michael Irvin Sees Video Released from Phoenix Hotel Footage As Proof He Was Set Up

Former Dallas Cowboys star Michael Irvin and his legal team continue to work tirelessly to prove his innocence in the ongoing battle between him and a female employee of Marriott hotels with the attorneys, on March 14, releasing video of an alleged hotel incident. The employee accused Irvin of inappropriate behavior, unwanted touching and disrespectful remarks during an incident on Feb. 5, 2023, at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel during Super Bowl week. The accusations resulted in Irvin being pulled off the air for ESPN and the NFL Network.

Michael Irvin at 2022 NFL Scouting Combine (Photo: Getty Images)

Last week, Marriott was told to provide the name of Irvin’s accuser and a video of the incident following Irvin’s $100 million lawsuit filed against Marriott for defamation of character, among other things. Marriott tried to have the lawsuit thrown out in Texas by saying that the brand doesn’t own the property in Phoenix and only leased its name to the property.

On Tuesday, lawyers for Irvin filed to have the case dismissed in Texas without prejudice and they filed the case in Arizona.

The new case that was filed in Arizona Superior Court lists six defendants. Those defendants include: the accuser, three other hotel employees, Marriott International and Renaissance Hotel Operating Company. 

“Defendants acted in willful disregard of the severe impact of their false accusations upon Mr. Irvin, his family and his livelihood. The damage caused to Mr. Irvin by Defendants’ actions has been swift and catastrophic, devastating Mr. Irvin personally and professionally,” the new lawsuit states. “Mr. Irvin brings this action to clear his name in Court and begin the process of trying to restore his reputation and professional career.”

Marriott stated in a court filing on last Friday that Irvin appeared to be noticeably intoxicated and showed aggressive behavior toward the employee by stating she was attractive, touching her arm and asking if she watched football, according to court reports.

Irvin also allegedly asked the accuser “whether she knew anything about having a ‘big Black man inside of her,’ ” according to the filing.

Irvin has continuously denied a conversation like that ever took place. He says he simply introduced himself to her and talked about the sports shows he was on.

“I don’t speak like that. I’ve never spoken like that. I totally deny saying that,” said Irvin.

Irvin’s lawyer, Levi McCathern, told the media that his client is a victim of ‘cancel culture.’

“I’m so thankful for this video because without it, I don’t know where this would have gone,” Irvin said. “The eye in the sky don’t lie.”

Marriott has said the NFL has investigated the incident. McCathern said that court documents of the claims made to the league by all three of the accuser’s co-workers and the hotel representative’s statements were defamatory and malicious.

“There is no doubt, this woman was not offended. This is not a sexual assault, sexual misconduct, or sexual harassment. This tape is very, very clear,” said McCathern.

Marriott has not yet made a statement since the video was released to the public.


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