Terry Rozier Will Seriously Maim Keyboard Gangsters | Charlotte Hornets Star Threatens Disrespectful Degenerate Gambler

 Sports betting is supposed to be fun, and for the most part fans take losing with a grain of salt and move on. Notice the “most” there, because then there are those who take it personally and tend to come for the athlete via social media when the financial outcome isn’t in their favor. That was the case recently with Charlotte Hornets star Terry Rozier and a bettor. 

Following a recent Hornets game, Rozier was called out by a fan for messing up one of his parlays. 

The fan picked at the wrong NBA player on this particular night. Rozier’s response had Twitter talking, with fans saying things like:

@_alexwrld_ said “Terry bouta turn Ja forreal”

@NINOBROWN chimed in with this … “He think he Ja the way he talking”

@Kawhinewera said … “Rozier is a real thug unlike Ja.”

Real thug or not, Rozier let the keyboard gangsta know he wasn’t playing with him. Was it necessary to even respond? Probably not, but athletes are humans with emotions as well, and they lurk on social media themselves. And sometimes they get tired of the backlash and tough talk from fans. Staying off Twitter would be the best way to avoid this during the season, but few in the world seem to possess that kind of discipline.

Bettors Do This Internet Thuggin’ Regularly 

With sports betting alive and well, this type of thing happens often, where fans lose parlays because players don’t meet the benchmarks for them to collect from their bets. And players usually don’t respond, unless they are thin-skinned like Kevin Durant, but this time Rozier wasn’t for any games, and he acted accordingly. 

Betting on the abysmal Hornets this season isn’t the wisest move when you consider their 22-49 record. That, in itself should tell you all you need to know as it pertains to them and parlays. But if you’re actually going to place any individual bets on the Hornets the safest would be Rozier or injured star guard LaMelo Ball, who’s out for the year with a fractured ankle. 

Hall’s injury left Rozier to carry the load, and his numbers say he’s having a good year despite the team’s record. With averages of 21.3 points, 4.9 rebounds and 4.2 assists, it’s a pretty safe bet to hit a parlay with Rozier. Just so happened that particular night was an off one for the talented scoring guard. 

Hornets Want To Tank For Victor Wembanyama?

Having the fourth-worst record in the league is also something a fan could also parlay into a winning bet. As the Hornets and many other teams look to position themselves in the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes, the bets on who’ll have the most ping-pong balls has to be a thing. 

And while that may make someone a tad richer, it only helps if that actually lands the franchise-changing big guy. 

But it’s highly unlikely the Frenchman would come on social media and tell a fan what Rozier did. No matter what, you can guarantee not many fans will come for T-Roz in the manner that fan did. The former Louisville star set him straight right away. 


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