Michael Irvin Says Lamar Jackson Not Using OBJ To The Best Of His Ability | The Star Wide Receiver’s Paltry Production Has Ravens Fans Scratching Their Heads

The Baltimore Ravens are 4-2 and in first place in the AFC North. And what’s amazing is they’re doing it with a stout defense, strong special teams, a solid running game and at times the wizardry of star quarterback Lamar Jackson.  What’s missing from this is wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who was signed in the offseason to inject life into a rather listless passing game. 

Through six weeks that’s been anything but the case as Beckham has done much of nothing to help the team’s offense. Through four games played, Beckham has a paltry nine receptions for 113 yards and zero touchdowns. That’s not what the Ravens thought they were getting when they signed Beckham to a one-year, $18 million deal with $15 million guaranteed. 

Slow starts are pretty normal when players are learning new systems, but the Ravens need to see a return on investment. 

Michael Irvin Defends OBJ, Says Team Not Using Him Right

There have been a lot of folks questioning whether OBJ still be an effective target. While most don’t believe he can and he’d be better suited as a complementary guy, Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin is of the belief that Beckham still has the “it” factor but is being utilized incorrectly in the Ravens offense.

During a recent episode of “Undisputed” on FS1, Irvin explained his position. 

“Odell’s a transition receiver,” Irvin said. “You can’t think you got to transition and come out. Odell’s an outside receiver, Lamar has never really used outside receivers. He’s always played inside.”

“I like this offense for Lamar,” Irvin added. “Because very few quarterbacks can run you to a Super Bowl. Now, if you use that running of Lamar Jackson, as an additive, and not the premise of the base, then you got a chance. But he stopped running like he ran his MVP season like two years ago. He’s going to have to let that ball go. He’s not going to run his team to a Super Bowl. And they’re going to need Odell, you’ll get the best of Odell in the playoffs.”

Sounds good, Irvin, but there are so many factors that make that premise kind of hard to believe. 

This Isn’t The 2021 Rams Offensively

Watching Beckham play, it doesn’t look like things with him will get much better. There are also other factors with the Ravens that he didn’t face when he helped the Los Angeles Rams win the Super Bowl two years ago as a midseason pickup. Then he had Cooper Kupp, the Super Bowl MVP, taking all the attention, which left OBJ with single coverage. With the Ravens there isn’t anyone who resembles Kupp or attracts the attention he does. 

So for Irvin to expect a huge playoff performance for Beckham doesn’t look too promising at all. The Ravens need him to help develop their young receivers in rookie Zay Flowers and the oft-injured Rashod Bateman. That’s where he can really assist, while also being as productive as he can as well. 

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