“Take $40M Or Pack Ya Bag”| Dallas Cowboys’ Facebook Family Feud Is Example Of Dysfunction That Keeps The Franchise From Winning Big

On paper, the Dallas Cowboys always seem to have enough talent to do big things in an NFL season, but every year Dak Prescott and his band of America’s teammates come up short. 

Talent is the most important element to having a Super Bowl winning team, but chemistry and locker room culture has to be a close second

When considering the various setbacks that have derailed the Cowboys’ Super Bowl hopes, dysfunction and deteriorating work relationships seem to be a more damaging factor than the head coach who seems to get all the blame. 

Dallas Cowboys Family Feud

In the latest episode of Dallas Cowboys family feud, there was an interesting Facebook exchange between wide receiver Cee Dee Lamb’s mom, Dak Prescott’s brother and the brother of the always loquacious Micah Parsons, following a devastating wild card round NFL playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Cee Dee Lamb’s mother, Leta Ramirez, posts “DAK ISNT IT !!!” which of course set off a firestorm on social media and elicited a response from Dak’s brother Tad who posts “…TRUST ME, if I could get @dak to leave Dallas I would” 

Then Micah Parson’s brother, Terrence, added his two cents in with a post that said, “take $40M or pack ya bag” referring to Prescott

Whew! That’s a lot to unpack. Sounds like the family dinner table conversation is intense and very accusatory in these households. 

Is Dallas Cowboys Locker Room Dysfunctional?

Which then makes one think that the Dallas Cowboys locker room is one of dysfunction, so much that the family members of these players feel they have the right to blast teammates, coaches or anything else they might not like about the team. 

There’s plenty of unwritten codes being violated here, but we find these kinds of issues increasing with social media playing such a large role in everyone’s communication. 

“They’ve heard this stuff somewhere before,” said ESPN analyst Louis Riddick on Tuesday morning’s ‘Get Up’ segment. So, this is a bit of a window into how things aren’t so rosy down there (in Dallas)”

Co-host Domonique Foxworth shared his sentiments: 

“Those tweets and comments are similar to what you would hear a fan say after the game, but the problem is you’re not a fan. You have the same last name and you’re the mother or you’re somebody whose name carries a little weight. I’m not here to criticize people’s family but I would hate that because you’re not helping. “

Some would say the Cowboys culture is just an extension of their owner Jerry Jones, who gets praised and revered for being a business mogul, despite the fact his team hasn’t sniffed a Super Bowl in 30 years. The entire organization walks around with this delusional idea of inflated self-worth. Therefore, their families act accordingly.

Panelist Jeff Saturday attributed the negative remarks to the emotion of a loss that Jones says he was “floored” by, offering an excuse for such divisive behavior. It reeks of a situation you find in AAU sports with disruptive parents.

Back in the day, these issues had to be hashed out man to man and face to face, and family definitely didn’t get involved with business.

Imagine your brother calling up to your job and complaining to the boss about some things you and you brother discussed during dinner or while watching the game. Imagine a grown man’s mom having to argue for him via social media because he isn’t getting the hours he wants at work. 

Dallas Has To Tighten Up Chemistry

It’s the same thing. It’s embarrassing for an organization that has so much pride. A franchise that the analysts can’t stop talking about and making these lofty predictions for. 

Two weeks ago, Dak was supposedly playing the best football of his career and Micah Parsons was Lawrence Taylor reincarnated and CeeDee lamb was in contention for best wide receiver in the game.  All was supposedly love with the Dallas Cowboys team, who was going to finally get over the hump and become true contenders instead of pretenders. 

Another playoff stinker later and all the gloves are off and the finger pointing stretches from Dallas to Vegas, the site of this year’s Big Game. 

Maybe this is an old school take, but family should stay out of business that doesn’t concern them. 

Players should keep their mamas (especially) and other family off social media if they are going to comment on team business. It doesn’t help anyone and creates terrible vibes. 

Are Dallas Cowboys Players Jealous of Dak Prescott Contract?

Micah Parson gets plenty of props for being an elite player and a leader in Dallas, but his brother’s actions on Twitter show that Micah’s probably not defending his quarterback as much as he used too. Going at your quarterback publicly or allowing your family to fight your battles on social media is corny. 

Everybody who had something to say in that Twitter exchange is taking no accountability.

Dak’s brother could have calmed things down, but he chose violence as well. He straight up said he wants his brother out of Dallas.

Every family member blamed someone to protect the reputation of the players they are kin with. There seems to be a pinch of jealousy concerning Dak’s paycheck which was $40M this season and is scheduled to jump to $43M next season.

Dak Prescott’s brother Tad says he’s been trying to get his brother to leave the Dallas Cowboys. (Getty Images/Instagram)

Dak signed a $160 million, four-year contract in 2021 that included a $66 million signing bonus which was the largest in NFL history at the time. Dak and Dallas will be negotiating on a contract extension this offseason and keeping him will require a record-breaking deal.  

This all makes for great theater, but also gives us a glimpse into the drama that lies ahead for the Dallas Cowboys next season This situation also suggests that some changes in personnel might be on the horizon, which, under the circumstances, should begin with head coach Mike McCarthy, who has no control over the team or how the supposed leaders of the team represent the brand.

If this is the kind of offseason interaction the Cowboys are going to put out to the public, then expect more NFL soap opera moments.  

If the three most important players to your franchise aren’t on the same page because of jealousy, clash of personalities or family interference, then the future looks bleak for the Cowboys. Despite Dallas’ ability to compete during the regular season, a restructuring of the minds or a rebuild might be closer than we think.

While not the end of the world, that Facebook exchange was telling. Something is not right in Dallas.

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