‘I’m Tired Of People Trashing My QB, I’m Tired Of People Trashing My Team’ | Is Cowboys Star Micah Parsons Talking Too Much?

Another day and another Micah Parsons comment that he could’ve kept to himself.

The dynamic Dallas Cowboys defender has quickly become known for his interesting and at times outlandish takes.

His team’s big 20-17 road win over the inconsistent Los Angeles Chargers on “Monday Night Football,” just one week after being dismantled by the San Francisco 49ers 42-10, seems to have Parsons feeling froggy.

So, the former Penn State standout took the opportunity to leap. 

Parsons, the two-time first-team All-Pro has entrenched himself into the podcast world. There Parsons gets things off his chest and says what’s on his mind. During the latest episode of his “The Edge with Micah Parsons” podcast, the reigning DPOY runner-up could be heard defending his team and quarterback Dak Prescott.

Parsons Says Keep Same Energy For Everybody 

In defending Prescott, who was shredded after his rather pedestrian performance in the loss to the 49ers, Parsons also mentioned how both the Eagles and Niners lost their first games to the Jets and Browns who are both without their starting QBs. 

“There’s a whole bunch of bashing when it’s Dak Prescott, but not the same when it’s for the Eagles.”

Parsons also called out FS1’s Emmanuel Acho for using injuries to key Niners players, Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel, as the reason why the San Francisco team lost. 

“So why is it that we are just scrubs, and nobodies that don’t deserve to be on the field and we’re just all talk, but there’s 100 excuses for these other teams?” Parsons asked. 

“If y’all just want to hate Cowboys nation, just say y’all hate Cowboy nation,” he continued. “I’m tired of people trashing my quarterback, I’m tired of people trashing my team, and that’s why I had nothing to say to the media this week.” 

Cowboys Always Underachieve 

Part of the reason they don’t get the benefit of the doubt from the media is they talk a big game every year, only to fall short in the playoffs. The franchise hasn’t been to a Super Bowl or conference championship game since 1995-96.

And with guys like Parsons always running their mouths and coming up small when it matters most, it opens you up to that type of criticism. Then when Parsons says they’re on the same level as the Niners after losing by 32, it hurts his credibility. 

It’s the Cowboys, so don’t expect much to change, more bark than bite for nearly 30 seasons. 

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