Is Dak Prescott Holding Back The Dallas Cowboys? | We Know What Stephen A. Smith Thinks, But What About Dak’s Teammates?

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is in the third year of a four-year, $160 million contract. In the last two seasons the Cowboys playoff record is 2-1. Considering who they are and the resources they put into winning, pundits like ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith are wondering if Prescott is the right player to lead the team to the Super Bowl.

“Of course they’re setting them up. I mean… they’re talking about doing everything but giving him a pacifier and a bib. Are you kidding me?” Smith ranted. “They’ve done everything to pacify this guy, Dak Prescott. … You’re damn right they’re not going to beat the Eagles.”

The Cowboys Want To Win A Super Bowl

As usual Smith went overboard. But he is right in that everything, assuming health, is set up for Prescott to succeed with this Cowboys team.

Winning a championship isn’t about one player. Football is about eleven as one. If the entire offensive, defensive and special team units are doing their jobs and they get a little luck, they should compete for a title.

Part of that includes Prescott playing as a top-tier QB. He dealt with injuries last season but still finished 11th in DVOA and 12th in QBR.

Being The Cowboys QB Is About Managing Pressure

Still, there is pressure being the Cowboys signal-caller and Prescott knows it. Even though he might not admit it.

“Not necessarily,” said Prescott, whose career-high 15 interceptions tied for most in the NFL last season. “I can say I’ve heard it, for sure. But I’ve never allowed any people’s opinions, or expectations, dictate who I am. I believe I have the highest expectations for myself than anyone does. That holds me to a high standard. Obviously, me coming from a year last year, leading the league in interceptions and not performing the way I wanted … yeah, I’ve always been a fighter. I’ve got a chip on my shoulder and had it before.”

Earlier this week Prescott and teammate Trevon Diggs got into an argument at practice, with Diggs reportedly telling Prescott to “Shut yo b—h a– up.”

It’s August and tempers run hot in training camp. The defense is usually ahead of the offense and guys talk junk. But if incidents like this continue, take notice.

Last season the Cowboys were sixth in weighted defensive DVOA and 13th in weighted offensive DVOA. If that trend continues, Diggs and other defenders could start looking at Prescott sideways.

“I never want anything easy, never want somebody to give me the shortcut to it,” Prescott said. “I’m embracing everything that’s coming my way — negativity, criticism, whatever it may be. I’m getting better.”

If Prescott underperforms and the Cowboys flame out in the postseason, the team has the ability to move on. In 2024, there is no guaranteed money left on his contract.

Whether he admits it or not, this is a make-or-break season for Dak in Dallas.

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