Two Can Play That Game | Scottie Pippen Doesn’t Care That Ex-Wife Larsa Is Boo’d Up With Marcus Jordan, He Has His Own Situation Going On

Basketball Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen is apparently doing just fine, even though his ex-wife is dating the much younger son of his former teammate and and recently appointed archenemy Michael Jordan.

Pippen was seen escorting a young lady in a vehicle, and as they drove off the woman pulled her window down and flashed the onlooking paparazzi exposing her upper body covered by a white bra.

Getting Even?

This all went down in Malibu last Friday. It might have been a response to a viral video of Larsa and Marcus making out in the club.

All of this on the heels of the GOAT Michael Jordan revealing he’s not cool with Marcus and Larsa being boo’d up.

The six-time NBA champion was seen leaving dinner at Matignon in Paris’ 8th arrondissement earlier this month, when he was asked about his 32-year-old son and the 48-year-old ex of his former teammate.

MJ Doesn’t Approve Of Marcus And Larsa’s Relationship

MJ laughs at first, but when the photographer asked again, he said no. Then when the photographer asked if Marcus and Larsa would marry, MJ is seen shaking his head.

The high-profile nature of this relationship and given the Pippen and Jordan connection means whenever any of the people involved do anything, it will be news. That’s the 2023 media economy.

It would seem that kind of scrutiny and pressure would doom any relationship. Yes, Larsa and Marcus appear to be going strong.

Marcus and Larsa launched their new podcast “Separation Anxiety” last month, which focuses on their “life, love, sex, and 16-year age gaps!” They’ve been extremely candid and shared a lot about their relationship.

They’ve even discussed the possibility of having kids.

“When we go and we meet people, or I’m introducing you to some of my friends, or you introduce me to some of your friends I feel like it gets brought up,” Marcus shared. “But I feel like we’ve never had a one-on-one, private conversation about having children. It’s one of those things where I think time will tell, you know?”

You can’t help who you like or love. Of course the fact that his father and her ex-husband were title-winning teammates and running mates makes the whole thing more tawdry and weird. The age difference also creates controversy, with many suspecting Larsa knew Marcus when he was a baby.

All of that has been disputed by both and it seems like everyone else is just going to have to accept that this relationship is serious.

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