Zero Black Major Sports Franchise Owners? | Michael Jordan Reportedly In Serious Talks To Sell Majority Stake In Charlotte Hornets To White Businessmen

Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan is universally recognized as the greatest basketball player to ever grace the hardwood. But as an owner “MJ” hasn’t had nearly the success.

Is Michael Jordan Going To Sell The Hornets?

On Thursday it was reported that Jordan is in serious talks to sell his majority stake in the team. Reports are the six-time NBA champion is considering selling his majority stake to Hornets minority owner Gabe Plotkin and Atlanta Hawks minority owner Rick Schnall. 

It’s also being reported that Jordan wouldn’t completely divest himself of the franchise he became majority owner of 2010, he’d instead  become a minority owner. 

Jordan purchased the team from then-majority owner Bob Johnson for $275 million. Johnson, the founder of BET, brought MJ in as a minority investor in 2006. 

Now it looks as if MJ is ready to take a lesser role, with less a focus on what he’s is individually doing or not doing to improve the franchise.

Hornets Haven’t Been Very Good Under MJ

Since 2010, with Jordan at the helm, the Hornets have only qualified for the postseason twice. The last time coming in 2016. They’ve had five head coaches, which affects continuity and culture, and they’ve had only one All-Star, Kemba Walker. 

A (417-594) record during Jordan’s tenure as owner doesn’t help matters. And the franchise has continuously missed on draft picks. LaMelo Ball, the 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year, is the big catch of Jordan’s draft history as an executive. In all, Jordan hasn’t been very successful as an owner, and he even lost close friend Charles Barkley behind his struggles as an owner.

In a November 2022 interview with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks, Sir Charles discussed why he and Jordan haven’t spoken in ten years. 

“What I said was, ‘Michael’s got to surround himself with better people,” Barkley said. “And I said I worry about him being successful. Because when you’re a star — because he’s the biggest star I’ve ever been around — everybody around you is going to tell you what you want to hear. And I didn’t think he had good enough supporting cast around him in the front office to be successful. 

“I said that, and I had no problem saying it, because it was the truth. And he took offense. And he called me, and it wasn’t a pleasant conversation, and we haven’t spoken since then.”

MJ Is One Of One 

If Jordan does sell, the move would take away the only Black majority owner of a major sports franchise (NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL). And while the aforementioned Johnson was in those same shoes, he doesn’t carry any of the star power that “His Airness” does. 

Although he’s struggled as an owner, just to have The GOAT attached to the game he once dominated has been a big deal. He gave it a try, but it you’ve ever watched a Hornets game, the anguish of losing, and losing often is just eating away inside at arguably the most competitive player we ever seen. 

It may be time to step away. He’s surely got options.

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