‘I Want It To Stop’ | Reggie Miller and Erik Spoelstra Say Ant-Man Is Like Dwyane Wade Not MJ

Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards is just scratching the surface on how good he can be.

The precocious 22-year-old rising star is wise beyond his years, and he’s the biggest reason the Timberwolves have a shot to win an NBA championship this season.

Two big road wins in Denver to open their Western Conference Semifinals were followed by a blowout loss at home in Game 3 making the series 2-1. 

Anthony Edwards Handles Game 3 Loss Like A Pro

Despite the loss, Edwards could be heard telling his teammates to “it’s a series, bruh, we good, first to four games.”

That’s the neccessary leadership he’s shown this year. That and his special talent to play the game of basketball on both ends have likened him to none other than Michael Jeffrey Jordan, the man most NBA fans consider to be the GOAT. All season Edwards has heard how much he looks like MJ.

Even Jordan admitted that Edwards’ all-around game shows some real similarities.

Edwards Says He Shoots Threes That’s The Difference 

While, Edwards likes to hear it, such comparisons are a ton of pressure to live up to. Ant-Man would like it to stop. 

In a recent interview with Fox Sports, Edwards had this to say about being compared to Jordan:

“I want it to stop. He’s the greatest of all time. I can’t be compared to him.”

The charismatic Edwards followed those comments up by tellinh Malika Andrews of ESPN, “I want people to be like, ‘This kid Anthony Edwards, has his own style. He maybe got a mix of Michael Jordan in him.’

“But I got a trey ball. My trey ball. … I can shoot the three, so that makes me a little different than Michael Jordan,” Edwards insisted.

Edwards isn’t wrong in making the statement about shooting the three, he’s got over 200 more made threes in his four-year career than Jordan, who didn’t rely on the three, had in his entire legendary career.

3-Pointers Are Huge Part Of The Game Now

Edwards plays in an era where shooting the three is strongly emphasized, and while teams shot the three when Jordan played, it wasn’t the way they won or lost games.

In this era more often than not the team that wins the three-point battle usually wins the game. 

Ant-Man Resembles Dwyane Wade More Than MJ

NBA legend Reggie Miller, who played against MJ for years isn’t ready to say Edwards is like Jordan. In fact, he believes Edwards is much closer to another legend, Dwyane Wade. During a recent appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Miller, with strong conviction, isn’t doing what everyone else is doing with the Jordan comparison.

“There’s that similarity with MJ, but I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and say he’s the next Jordan because we tried to do that with Kobe, and Kobe was probably the closest thing.” 

Miller says the fascination with finding the next Jordan has made folks become enamored when they see a player with special talent pop on the scene.

But, it’s so much more than playing basketball that comprises the almighty Jordan brand.

Erik Spoelstra Shares Reggie Miller Dwyane Wade Comparison

Which is why Miller likens Edwards to Wade, in fact Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra who’s not big on making comparisons also did so during last season’s FIBA World Cup.

Spoelstra was an assistant for Team USA, and being around Edwards every day made Spo concede that he’s a lot like Wade, the greatest player in Heat franchise history. 

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