‘It Would Read 2 Black Male Suspects Shot’: Fake News About Michael Jordan’s Ex-Wife Being Carjacked For White Rolls-Royce Makes Reporter A Jordan Family Enemy

Amy Jacobson, co-host of Chicago’s “Morning Answer,” is in some hot water over some false reporting. 

Michael Jordan’s ex-wife Juanita Vanoy is extremely unhappy about Jacobson stating in a now-deleted post on X that Vanoy had been carjacked outside her home in Chicago by two black men and had some of her valuables ripped off as well. 

The 65-year-old made it clear that the story is totally fabricated by whomever the original source is:

I don’t live in Chicago.

I don’t drive a Rolls Royce

2a. IF I owned a Rolls Royce, I would have a driver and security

Said driver and security would absolutely be strapped-TRUST!

If any of this were True…it would read 2 black male suspects shot and ….YKMYK People, take it from someone who has been covered by the media:

1. Believe NONE of what you read

Vanoy also told Jacobson to verify before she puts out stories such as this:

Believe NONE of what you hear

Believe only HALF of what you see

As someone who has been covered by the media, know that most of what is written probably has not been fact-checked. If you don’t get information from the ‘source’, don’t believe it. VERIFY, VERIFY & VERIFY

In her now-deleted X post, which some caught on via screenshot, Jacobson reported: 

“Juanita Jordan, Michael Jordan’s ex-wife was carjacked outside her home in Chicago. Stolen: Her white Rolls Royce, gun, wallet and keys. Can you imagine if she was murdered? 2 black, male suspects being sought by police..”

Jacobson went as far as to tag TMZ, as if she just had the breaking news of the month. In an obvious attempt to be first, she didn’t verify any of the breaking news information – didn’t even know Vanoy doesn’t even live in Chicago. 

Jacobson’s error, however, is understandable because if you google Vanoy, it comes up that she resides in Chicago, but that information comes from a few generic bio sites without dates that information was retained.   

A journalist has to reach out to at least one source if they are breaking a story. 

Jasmine Jordan, Juanita’s only daughter with MJ, saved the screenshot and reposted it along with a chin-check of her own for Jacobson. 

Credit: Jasmine Jordan/Instagram

According to reports, Jacobson wasn’t totally off. Apparently, a white Rolls-Royce was carjacked at gunpoint by two individuals last week, in a resident’s own driveway in the Beverly neighborhood in Chicago. 

Vanoy Was Not A Victim Of Carjacking

Vanoy was not the victim, however, in that crime. Whoever gave Jacobson this information owes her an apology. On the bright side, plenty of ’80s and ’90s basketball fans probably wonder what happened to MJ’s ex-wife, Juanita Jordan, who has contently stayed out of the limelight after she and Michael married on Sept. 2, 1989, and divorced on Dec. 29, 2006.

According to legend, Jordan and Vanoy met in 1985, a year after MJ took the NBA by storm. His legacy was already being shaped by his high-flying aerial maneuvers on the court. He also began to shape his personal life with Juanita and in 1988, they had their first son Jeffrey. 

Juanita Vanoy: $168M In Divorce Settlement With Michael Jordan

They were married in 1989 and had two more kids, Marcus and Jasmine. Just under a year later on Sept. 2, 1989, Jordan and Vanoy got married. Two more kids then followed, with Marcus being born in 1990, and Jasmine, who also blasted Jacobson for her lazy reporting, in 1992.

In 2006, after several attempts to save the marriage over the years, both Jordan and Vanoy filed for divorce. She reportedly received a $168 million settlement following the split, with the amount being the largest celebrity divorce settlement on public record at the time.

Vanoy took her bag and stayed low and out of the public eye. She’s still reportedly very religious, attending church on Sundays. But it was good to see she’s still got the fighting spirt and is paying attention to social media, protecting her family’s legacy.

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