‘Can’t Pick Up The Phone and Call Ol’ Boy or Nothing’ | Marshawn Lynch Is Latest Seattle Seahawks Teammate To Say He Had No Relationship With Russell Wilson 

Former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is in his second season with the Denver Broncos.

After spending the first ten years of his NFL career in the Pacific Northwest, the future Hall of Famer was traded to Denver in March 2022. Wilson’s time in Seattle garnered a ton of success, including eight playoff appearances, two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl win. 

Per many of Wilson’s former teammates, all things weren’t as they seemed. There’s been a Russell Wilson pile on by some of the men he led into war on the football field.

The latest to speak out is former All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch, whose physical running style created the “Beast Mode” moniker he’s affectionately known as. Lynch, who’s very outspoken as long as it doesn’t require speaking at Super Bowl media days, recently opened up on his nonexistent relationship outside of football with his former QB during an appearance on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast. 

Lynch Isn’t A Fan Of Russ Or Pete Carroll

During his interview Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, Lynch revealed he has nothing good to say about Wilson or Carroll.

“I wouldn’t be the right person to speak on their relationship because I didn’t f-ck with them … I didn’t f—ck with Pete, and then I mean Russ was just a quarterback for me,” Lynch said. 

Lynch’s frustration stems from how head coach Pete Carroll treated Wilson. He’s the latest to say Russ was never held accountable for his actions like the rest of the team. It’s the same thing that former Seahawks defensive players Richard Sherman and K.J. Wright have said repeatedly. 

Marshawn Lynch Respects Russell Wilson But Has No Relationship With QB

Lynch did say he respects Wilson on a professional level, but they’ve never been close, and there’s no relationship there.

“I respect Russell as a player and as a teammate. … Anything that I say is gonna come off as malice or I’m a hater. … I’ll take Russell, and I’ll put him right there at quarterback, and I’ll rock with him, because I have done that. But as far as anything else…. No there’s no, you can’t pick up the phone and call ol’ boy or nothing.”

Lynch says he’s never had a number but wanted to reach out to Wilson after a game. Wilson, the former NC State and Wisconsin star didn’t answer, but called him from a blocked number. 

Shannon Sharpe In Utter Disbelief: Russell Wilson No John Elway

As Lynch continued an apparently shocked and surprised Sharpe said his Hall of Fame quarterback with the Broncos, John Elway, made it his business to play cards, crack jokes and throw back beers with his teammates.

That’s something Lynch says never happened with Wilson, and if you know anything about football and gaining the trust of your teammates that type of stuff is vital. 

While Lynch wasn’t as brutal as Sherman and Wright were in their takes about Wilson and/or Carroll, he didn’t hold back on where things stand now and pretty much always have stood between the two who will forever be linked in the biggest Super Bowl choke job in history by a coaching staff.

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